Canada visa reasons to know how much

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Many people feel that Canada to go abroad to study postgraduate visa processing “threshold” is higher, in fact, in the north American region of the world, the current policy of Canadian visa processing is more stable and personalized.If you have a minimum understanding of the visa rules and approval procedures, and if you have the key application conditions, getting a visa is unlikely to be a problem.1. Favouritism: Jin Jilie study abroad Canada department outstanding director Tang teacher introduced in detail, in all the reasons for the refusal, the most serious adverse impact, the most should be prevented because of favouritism and fraud caused by the refusal.Its bad effects are inevitable for a very long time.Fraudulent applicants often have the criteria to win a visa, but the results fall short.In terms of their psychological state, the first is that they do not understand the current visa policies and approval procedures, the second is that they are lucky, and the third is that they are deceived by people.It should also be noted that the Canadian Embassy will not only list applicants who falsified their raw materials as “not accepted”, but also continue to exchange their lists with the embassies of other powerful countries studying abroad.Therefore, it may jeopardize the students’ other development direction.2. Poor standards: Mr. Tang, the outstanding director of JJL Canada Department, explained in detail that one of the poor standards is that there are no standards now and no necessary conditions in the future.Students under such standards should be realistic and consider other options.Another situation is temporary conditions are not necessary, then forced to send the application for processing can only reach the pre-speed.If the criteria for submitting a visa application are improved over time, it is likely to win.3. Weaknesses in the study Plan: Mr. Tang, distinguished Director of GJL Canada, reminds us that weaknesses in the study plan can be fatal to student visa applications, but many students often ignore the need for them.The study plan is one of the most important documents in a visa application.I often say, “A study plan is the equivalent of half a job interview.”Since the majority of student visa applications in Canada do not require a recruitment interview, the visa officer can only get to know the students through written reports. Therefore, the visa officer is the prime time to listen to the students’ self-statements while reviewing the study plan.In fact, many visa officers in the review process, pick up to read the article carefully the first raw material is the study plan.The magnitude of this is obvious.4. Unknown source of assets: This is also a common problem. Many parents feel that if I have money, I just need to give a sum of money to the visa officer to prove my overall strength.In fact, this is also a big mistake. Tang Said that visa officers expect to see a family with stable development of assets, clear self-owned funds, and the ability to work to support their children to go abroad to study for graduate school, without pressure to the development of Canadian society.Therefore, a large sum of money cannot show the asset situation in the home!In a word, There are various reasons for Canada’s refusal of visa, but as long as we do a good job in advance, ensure careful, careful, detailed preparation of raw materials in advance, Canada to study abroad visa, is not a difficult point!To learn more