China Mobile Research Institute released a number of 6G collaborative innovation achievements

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In order to implement the requirements of the “14th Five-Year Plan” on the forward-looking layout of 6G network technology reserve, accelerate the basic research of 6G application and the research of original technology, guide the industry to promote the development of 6G, and enhance the global level and international influence of 6G innovation, February 25th,China Mobile Research Institute held “Meeting the Future — 6G Collaborative Innovation Results Conference” online.Gao Tongqing, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile, Zhang Ping, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Cui Tiejun, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and You Xiaohu, professor of Southeast University attended the press conference and delivered speeches.Gao Tongqing, deputy general manager of China Mobile, pointed out in his speech that the current global 6G research and development has been fully launched, is becoming a new round of scientific and technological innovation.China Mobile anchors the target positioning of the world’s first-class information service technology innovation company, actively practices the responsibility of the central enterprise innovation main force, bravely acts as the source of original technology and the long modern industrial chain chain, integrates into the overall situation of China’s 6G innovation work, and vigorously carries out 6G RESEARCH and development work.China mobile will continue to play the role of mainstay industry leading and innovation, to commercial demand for traction, coordination of domestic and international industry upstream and downstream partners, work well versed in theory, technology, standards, product innovation and application of the whole industrial chain link, the stress for a 6 g base, build g ecological advantages, cultivate 6 g industry and application of the open global cooperation,To create a unified global 6G standard to make important contributions, and then realize the “6G reshape the world” — digital twin, wisdom in the beautiful vision.At the conference, China Mobile Research Institute released 8 white papers on 6G key technologies.Including 6G Holographic Communication Business Development Trend, 6G Minimalist Wireless Access Network, 6G Servitization RAN, 6G Wireless Network Autonomy Based on Digital Twin Network, 6G Wireless Endogenous AI Architecture and Technology, 6G Physical Layer AI Key Technology, 6G Information Metamaterial Technology, 6G Visible Light Communication Technology,It has received strong support from tsinghua University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Southeast University, Zhongguancun Innovation Institute and relevant experts.Also released a “affect the future 10 cross-border innovation direction of the development of the information and communication, research reports, generic information communication domain oriented vision 2035, selected affect future ten cross-border innovation direction of the development of the information and communication, involving end, tube, cloud, calculate power, safety, low carbon, paradigm and so on, and called for the production, from all walks of life together to solve the challenge.During the event, China Mobile Research Institute cooperated with various innovation consortiums to show the 6G innovation achievements to the audience, including 6G vision, meta-universe, 6G network, 6G air port, new platform, new device and new application.Covers the vision and the demand of 6 g, yuan technology overview of the universe, the universe, 3 d reconstruction, yuan the clouds – AR cycling, general introduction of 6 g, digital twin twin, empty network, industry network digital integration of heaven and earth, channel measurement and modeling, semantic intelligent metamaterials, 6 g communication system prototype, high rate of visible light communication, photonics auxiliary terahertz communication systemA total of 17 collaborative innovation achievements will be exhibited, including unified prototype, communication and perception integrated prototype, 6G universal prototype prototype platform, verification and exploration of core devices, and digital twin.In the future, China Mobile will join forces with all sectors of the industry, universities, research institutes and users to build a world-leading 6G collaborative innovation base. Guided by demand and top-level design, it will break through innovation links of the whole industrial chain, incubate technological innovation at the source, and cultivate an independent controllable and open 6G industry and application ecology.China Mobile hopes to cooperate with domestic and foreign universities, research institutions, industries and industry partners to seek common 6G development and create an excellent future together.(Reporter/Li Qiaoyu) (Editor Zhang Wei)