Suqian Sihong: young and old to welcome the Winter Olympics

2022-05-20 0 By

Zhang Rengao and Su Ligong lead students to create paper carvings to celebrate the 2022 Winter Olympics in sihong County, Suqian city.They incorporate the winter Olympic mascots, ice and snow sports, athletes’ style and other elements in their works. These works have different shapes and unique forms, expressing everyone’s expectations and wishes for the Winter Olympic Games.More than ten students, under the careful guidance of non-hereditary inheritor and volunteers, dedicated themselves to creating their own paper-carved works to express their wishes for the Beijing Winter Olympics with paper-carved door flowers in the inheritance base of the New Era Civilization Practice Institute in Half town of Sihong County.Student Jin Zixuan said proudly, “I want to use my work to let more children know about the Beijing Winter Olympics and participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics.””We organized the inheritors of paper carving to create nine works in one week.There is a good one in this work, which not only incorporates snow and ice elements, but also has the atmosphere of the Year of the Tiger, and also contains the Olympic Winter Games emblem, so that people can fully feel the intangible cultural heritage while also feeling the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics.”Zhang Rengao introduced.Nine works are vividly displayed, including the emblem of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the mascot of the Winter Olympic Games “Bing Dwen Dwen” and the mascot of the Winter Paralympic Games “Xue Rong Rong”, which vividly show the competitive moments of the Winter Olympic sports such as short track speed skating.Through the activities, the children learned about the traditional culture of paper carving in half city, learned knowledge about the Winter Olympics, and carried forward the Olympic spirit.”We looked up a lot of knowledge about the Beijing Winter Olympics before creating the paper.During the week of creation, we tried to integrate the knowledge of the Winter Olympics into the paper.Through the traditional art of paper carving, we hope to promote the Olympic spirit and spread knowledge of ice and snow sports, and let more citizens participate in ice and snow sports through the art of paper carving.”(Zhang Tongyuan, Zhao Jianjun, Li Min)