The British woman weighs over 450 pounds, doesn’t care, and thinks she’s beautiful

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Danielle Birch is a 25-year-old British woman living in Plymouth, Devon, England.She is about 1.83 meters tall and stands out among the girls around her.But it’s not just danielle’s extraordinary height that makes her the focus of attention, it’s her sheer size.In fact, she weighs 500 pounds, according to Danielle.Danielle, however, didn’t think much of it and thought she was beautiful.Danielle says that growing up, she was heavier than her friends or classmates of the same age.For this reason, she used to feel very self-abased, hate such themselves.And to hide this, she always wears big clothes.But as she grew older, Danielle began to see things differently.She realizes that she can’t make everyone like her, and she begins to accept herself for who she is.”I’m one of those big, pretty girls who can stay between 350 and 500 pounds,” Danielle said.She thinks that’s probably where she’ll be no matter how hard she tries, and they’re actually quite popular.Actually, Danielle loves food.In the past, I worked as a chef for 10 years.Now, however, she has given it up and turned what others saw as a disadvantage into an advantage.Danielle came up with the idea of placing herself in a relatively small space, such as a car, doorway or stool, trying on small clothes or standing next to small people, and then Posting a video on social media.Those who want to see it will have to pay between £2.90 and £7.30.Danielle shoots five videos on just three days a week.To Danielle’s surprise, it worked.She now earns £1,500 a month — sometimes more — for this.”A lot of people want to see how my weight affects my life,” danielle says.She says she now feels free and can sometimes travel and work at the same time, compared to spending 16 hours a day in the kitchen.But danielle admits she has also encountered a number of sarcastic comments online, accusing her of encouraging others to be fat.Danielle explained that the idea had never crossed her mind.And the truth is, she doesn’t want to stay that way all the time, because it would be hard for her to move.She was also determined to try to lose some weight for the sake of her health.However, Danielle believes that one shouldn’t stop loving oneself just because one is fat.People should mind their own business and not always give others directions.People who are already struggling with their weight should be treated kindly and encouraged, not ridiculed.At the same time, Danielle hopes that doing so will encourage others in her position to accept, cherish and appreciate themselves.(flower)