Why did Tang Seng become a tiger in the year of tiger

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The year of tiger is coming. Let’s say tiger.Monk becomes tiger, is “Journey to the West” in the 28th back to the thirty-first time story.Tell about Tang’s monk because of white bone essence event, after driving away Sun Wukong encounter “yellow robe strange” kui wood Wolf, by casting method became a gorgeous tiger…If we look at the whole book, we will understand that all the deities who come from heaven and earth to make up for the sutras are deliberately invited by Guanyin bodhisattva.Their purpose, not really want to eat tang Monk flesh, just toss toss toss everybody, gather together enough a disaster count.Qimu Wolf went down to earth, although he claimed to continue his marriage on the surface, in fact, the sutras are known to all the gods, he could not have not heard of it!Here appeared two strange phenomenon: one, pig eight quit fighting strength originally not weak, can fight with Sun Wukong overnight indecisive;Sand monk can with pig eight quit even, but also can from the “six ear macaque” under the whole body and back.Supposedly, neither of these two men could be any better than Qimu Wolf.But both brothers were defeated…Two, pig eight quit sand monk originally in the heaven for executives for many years, why did not recognize the original colleagues?Obviously, there’s something wrong with it.Eight quit sand monk two people should be pretending to be confused, deliberately release water, let kui wood Wolf teach tang’s monk, gather together enough this one disaster!And kui wood Wolf originally do not want to mix with these troubles, at the beginning to see Tang’s monk himself into a snare, he let go of tang’s monk.The wasp does not sting the stick.Since the monster does not eat people, it is necessary to provoke provoke him.Pig eight quit again door provocation, the success of the kui wood Wolf provoked.Kui wood Wolf very clear, can’t give tang monk to eat, but can teach him once.So let tang’s monk reveal his inner self and become a colorful tiger…Isn’t Tang’s monk the reincarnation of jin Chan Zi?How did you become a tiger?Here’s a saying.Jin Chan zi, the second disciple of Tathagata, is also called “master of Jin Chan”.A white horse is not a horse, jinchan is not necessarily a cicada, but a name, take the meaning of “jincicada shucked”.The cicada is a symbol of recycling.So have eat tang’s monk’s flesh immortal view!Although tang’s monk is full of compassion, in fact, his heart is also as ruthless as the man-eating tiger.He has gone through the samsara of ten lifetimes and is no longer capable of evil.He was powerless before evil monsters;But to the extent that his unchecked growth of power has allowed him to do so, his tactics are ferocious.The tang priest’s power range, only sun Wukong, pig eight quit, sand monk this three brothers.Both Bajie and Sand Monk were very obedient and would not contradict him to his face.The only person who dares to contradict him is Sun Wukong, and Sun Wukong is bound by his magic spell.Once make him unhappy, he read the magic spell to sun Wukong toss to death.Sun Wukong three dozen white bone essence, originally called the land to testify, dozen white bone essence also showed the original form, and Tang’s monk still read the magic hoop mantra to the Monkey empty toward death toss over and over again and then drive away…Drive away before all don’t forget to punish hard some, this is the tang’s monk power unrestrained after the inner breeding out of evil.Tang’s monk heart has become a man-eating tiger because of power unrestrained expansion!Kui wood Wolf cast magic, let tang seng showed his true form.Everyone has good and evil sides.Power can be used for good as well as evil.Power is not restricted, evil thoughts will indulge rampant, full of compassion tang seng will become a tiger.Tang’s monk was yellow robe strange magic into a tiger, is in the implication of unrestrained power fierce as a tiger!The yellow robe monster put tang’s monk incarnation of the tiger into the cage, so that his indulgent power has no chance to hurt people.Power without restraint is fierce as a tiger!Thank you for your support and attention!