Circular on Further Strengthening epidemic Prevention and Control (No. 2)

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Notice on Further Strengthening the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 (No. 2) In light of the current situation of COVID-19 in Zhuhai, in order to effectively carry out the prevention and control of COVID-19 in The city and protect the health of the general public, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 1.You don’t have to go out.From now on, people in Dangtu County, Huashan District, Yushan District, Bowang District, Municipal Economic development Zone and Cihu High-tech Zone are not required to go out. If they do need to go out, they should take the nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours and report to their communities and destinations.Non-essential travel to the above areas is prohibited.2. Strengthen school control.All primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, private schools and training institutions at all levels in the above-mentioned counties and districts implement online teaching, while all colleges and universities, secondary vocational schools and boarding schools are under closed management.3. Carry out regional nucleic acid testing.The above counties and districts will carry out regional nucleic acid testing. Please refer to the wechat public account of Maanshan for the test schedule. The public friends are requested to cooperate actively and complete regional nucleic acid testing in each round according to the requirement of “testing should be conducted according to requirements, and no one will be left behind”.4. Implement traffic control.Traffic control shall be implemented at all entrances and exits of expressways and national and provincial trunk lines in the city.If it is necessary to check the health code and travel code, nucleic acid tests should be carried out at all entrances.The person leaving the horse must hold the nucleic acid test certificate for 48 hours.Those who find red or yellow codes shall take control measures on the spot.All the urban and rural buses leading to the county and outside the city, adjacent to the bus, bus line all temporarily suspended.5. Strict control in public places.The city’s shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers’ markets, hotels, restaurants, transportation stations and other public places should strictly implement prevention and control measures in accordance with the requirements.6. Closed management of key places.Key places such as nursing homes, mental hospitals, welfare homes, nursing homes and prisons in the city shall be closed for management.7. Suspend the opening of cinemas, museums, libraries, cultural centers, mahjong houses, chess and card rooms, teahouses, beauty salons, foot bath shops, bathrooms, health massage shops, song and dance halls, gyms, indoor natatorium, bars, Internet cafes, games and entertainment halls, religious places, etc.8. Strict management of scenic spots.Scenic spots strictly implement the requirements of “limit, reservation, wrong peak” and “scan code, measure temperature, wear masks” and strictly control the maximum number of tourists.Indoor exhibition halls and other places in the scenic area are temporarily closed.9. Strict management of pharmacies.Pharmacies should play a sentinel role, strictly manage “two withdrawal and one resistance” drugs, and implement systems such as real-name registration and real-time reporting of fever information.10. Large-scale offline exhibition and sales activities and large-scale gathering activities are strictly prohibited.All kinds of commercial institutions should suspend large-scale offline exhibition and sales promotion activities.We strictly observe the principle of “delay weddings, simplify funerals and skip banquets”.11. Strengthen personal protection.Citizens should maintain personal protection awareness, wear masks in a scientific and standardized manner, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, use chopsticks, maintain safe social distancing, and avoid groups and gatherings.If you have fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, loss of smell (taste) sensation and other symptoms, go to the nearest fever clinic or designated medical institutions for diagnosis and treatment in time, take good personal protection throughout the whole process, avoid taking public transportation.12. Report yourself.Since March 1, all personnel from outside the province are required to report to their villages (communities) and implement nucleic acid testing and health monitoring measures. Those who fail to report and cause the spread of the epidemic will be held responsible in strict accordance with the law.Ma ‘anshan COVID-19 Prevention and Control Emergency Comprehensive Command Post March 14, 2022 source: Ma ‘anshan