Can you tell a lot about a person by being drunk?

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A lot of people good wine, some people drink too much after will especially like to talk and talk, quick thinking, can say what you want to say on the wine table, heart experts said, drunk can see people’s character, let’s see!Drinking is an important part of many people’s work and life.People often say that character can be seen on the wine table, different people will have different performance after drinking, what can be seen from the performance after drinking?One drunken sleep type main performance: drink wine to sleep, no redundant language and behavior.Personality analysis: This type of person, easy-going, generous, and he will make people feel very comfortable to get along with him, he will not be haggling over every detail with others, even if rarely communicate with people, in the friends also have a good reputation.This kind of person is satisfied with the present situation of life, and does not have high requirements and expectations for the future.Did not encounter too many ups and downs, life is smooth sailing.Character label: practical, easy-going, warm wine cheerful type of main performance: drink wine happy, from the bottom of my heart burst out a kind of happiness, can not stop laughing, can not stop singing, can not stop dancing……Personality analysis: this type of person, not only is the happy fruit on the wine table, life is also open-minded, cheerful personality, both loyal liver righteousness bravery, and chivalrous tenderness of the good man.Like to communicate with people, can correctly face reality, love life, full of confidence in the future!Personality label: optimistic, free and easy, humor three drunk communicative type of performance: drunk talk with all the best, quick thinking, can access superior, can also sympathize with subordinates, can be in the wine table that want to say what they want to say, want to do things are done!Disposition analysis: the person of this kind of type, at ordinary times words is not much, do not express oneself opinion easily, like to show edge only in specific time and occasion.Such people are highly motivated and ambitious, and will work hard for their ambitions.Personality label: wise, mature, diligent pouring out alcohol type of main performance: after drinking, to find a trusted person to tell.When I was a kid, I was bitten by a dog when I stole fruit until I met some stupid customer yesterday.Personality analysis: People of this type are introverted, thoughtful and insightful. They don’t like to show their edge, express themselves and evaluate others. Only under the influence of alcohol can they express themselves, evaluate others and state their own opinions.Such people believe in plain and light is true, without too much ambition and ambition, content in a stable and happy life.Character label: pragmatic, sober, open-minded wu drunk depressed type main performance: drink drunk depressed, see what things are sad, think of what can shed tears, more think more grievance, more think more sad, sigh, even tears streaming down one’s cheeks.Personality analysis: This type of person is delicate, good at reading and caring for others.Naturally sensitive, often because of a small matter and mope, afraid of being laughed at by others is not good to say to others.The unhappy place in life is always magnified by him intentionally or unintentionally, so he can only drown his sorrows in alcohol and vent his grievances and dissatisfaction.Such people experience relatively bumpy, total feeling unfulfilled, the heart has unwilling.Personality tag: cautious, fine, considerate land drunk manic type of the main performance: drink after drinking angry, see who are not pleasing to the eye, see who are angry, throw plate throw bowl, knife gun, manic restlessness.Personality analysis: This type of people usually few words, not good at talking, strong self-esteem, afraid of others look down on.After drinking, discontent poured out like a floodgate.Such people have a strong sense of responsibility in life, so it is easy to give themselves too much pressure, afraid that because they are not good enough to make the people around them satisfied, can only get drunk to relieve the pressure accumulated in the heart for a long time.Character label: silent, save face, strong sense of responsibility drunk playfulness type main performance: drunk like and people joke, both adults and children do not let go, and even adults get angry, the child cry.Personality analysis: This type of person is cheerful, love life, is a typical realist, is willing to spread the joy of the people, usually like to joke with others, drink after drinking even worse.Such people face the bumpy road of life, still single-minded upward.What kind of person are you after drinking?