The lakers are out of playoff contention after a three-game losing streak?You have to fight for the play-offs

2022-05-23 0 By

Beijing time on February 2, the NBA regular season continues, due to the continuous injury of Lebron James, the Lakers have suffered three consecutive losses, currently, the Lakers record is 24-27, the winning rate is not more than 50%, increasingly low rhythm, ninth in the Western Conference.The ninth seed is a tricky one, one game behind the eighth-place Clippers, five games behind the sixth-place Mavericks and five games behind the 11th-place SAN Antonio spurs.It’s not hard to see how the Lakers are not going to make the playoffs until the second half of the season.However, even if the Lakers struggle, the current situation to return to the top six in the Western Conference is too difficult, let alone bad for the Lakers playoff play, instead of a good game in the play-offs, otherwise, in the playoffs, is an easy round.What’s more, the lakers are not only a matter of rank, but also a matter of strength. If the Lakers want to play in the play-offs, it is likely to face the Clippers, Timberwolves, Blazers, and perhaps even the Utah Jazz, which has not been in good form recently.At the same time, if the Lakers go to the playoffs, they will most likely face either the Phoenix SUNS or the Golden State Warriors, two teams that are in the ascendancy, how can the Lakers compete with them?Not to mention, Lebron James is still injured, when he will return, is also the question.Ironically, the Lakers still rely on the 37-year-old James, not the young Davis or Westbrook, and the 37-year-old Anthony on the bench, making this a team that doesn’t look like a championship contender.