“Chinese Ex-serviceman” | build “dream boat” to be a good maker ferryman

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In December 2021, the release ceremony of the second “Jilin Good Man · The Most Beautiful Ex-servicemen” was held in Changchun, and Liu chunsheng was listed.”After retiring from the army for so many years, I have never forgotten that I was once a soldier,” the dark-skinned, plain-spoken Man from Northeast China, who was born in 1964, said emotionally at the launch site.Like soldiers, I will be a good ferryman for entrepreneurs and a builder of the new era.”Liu Chunsheng, chairman of Jilin Ferrydu Innovation Factory Group Co., LTD., retired from the army in 1985 and worked as a worker. In 1995, he founded Hengyun Mineral Products Processing Plant in Jilin Province and Fengrun Construction Engineering Co., LTD., etc. After accumulating certain funds, he devoted himself to helping entrepreneurs.In 2014, it established the first new private incubator in the three northeastern provinces.Over the past 7 years, he has led the company’s employees to overcome many difficulties and serve the entrepreneurs wholeheartedly with the military style of being able to bear hardships and win battles, making Ferryferry Innovation Works become the “dream boat” of countless entrepreneurs.In December 2014, a sail for entrepreneurship was set up on Kaijiu Road in Changchun High-tech Zone, marking the official operation of the first new incubator Ferryferry Innovation Works in The province.Although the horn of entrepreneurship and innovation had been blown all over China at that time, as the first mass innovation space in the province, in the absence of policy and experience guidance, the fate of ferry Innovation Works was like the weather at that time — the night was much longer than the day.But this is not difficult to liu Chunsheng, a former soldier, “on the road to entrepreneurship, every step forward, is a war of resistance.Only by not flinching and going forward can we win.””Liu Chunsheng often said.Therefore, Liu Chunsheng set foot on the study trip again and again.He has been to Beijing, Shanghai and other successful creative Spaces to learn and learn from, and to discuss and exchange with well-known domestic incubation experts, university scholars and investors.In the plane through the clouds, in the north-south train, Liu Chunsheng always carries the enthusiasm of a maker and the persistence of an entrepreneur, accumulating power in the transformation of time and space.He led the team to refine the functions of the incubator from the perspective of entrepreneurs, ensuring that the Settings of each department can meet the needs of entrepreneurs.Under his plan, service department, finance department, ministry of information and media company, the transformation of technology transfer center, etc., in turn, establish, and changchun branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, jilin university and other research institutions, colleges and universities to carry out the depth cooperation, into the incubator for examination and approval of the government, to set up the “government post” do “” credit enterprise E, let entrepreneurs never leave home to handle all formalities…The service structure of an entrepreneurial ship is gradually clear, laying a solid foundation for sailing to the deep sea.Liu Chunsheng, a self-made entrepreneur, knows that starting capital is the first problem for entrepreneurs.Mr Liu’s approach is two-pronged, encouraging entrepreneurs to take the first bold step.One is to launch the “three zero” service.There is no charge for the office card, no burden for the graduation period, and no cost for all kinds of formalities. All the expenses arising therefrom are borne by the “ferry”.This kind of entrepreneurial service with public interest features quickly attracted a large number of entrepreneurs, and the crowd maker space was suddenly hard to find.Contact at the same time, liu had met while business partner, in all parts of the country investigation of investors jointly set up angel fund, organizing projects selected for roadshow, from to entrepreneurs and investors face to face communication, simple way to get a money in equity investment, and entrepreneurs to grow together, “ferry” and entrepreneurs themselves bound tightly together,The unique service mode of “Angel + incubation” has gradually taken shape.Under the careful service of “Ferrydu”, a large number of entrepreneurial enterprises broke ground in Jilin, and “Ferrydu” also developed and expanded.”To wear the uniform is to defend the country;Take off the uniform, is still selfless dedication.Only such feelings can make the road of entrepreneurship wider and wider!”Liu Chunsheng often said to employees around him.Today, the total incubation area of “Ferryferry” has reached 34,600 square meters, realizing the transformation from a single ferryferry innovation factory to ferryferry Traditional Chinese Medicine health industrial park, from comprehensive incubation to specialized and new in-depth incubation.Up to now, the group has invested in more than 50 entrepreneurial projects with an investment of 210 million yuan, and incubated more than 200 enterprises.Among them, it has guided 2 listed enterprises, cultivated 24 state-level high-tech enterprises, 17 technology-based small giant enterprises, and 1 provincial leading enterprise, which has helped more than 8,000 people to find jobs and start businesses.On June 16, 2021, changchun had clear skies.Premier Li Keqiang, who is on an inspection tour in Changchun, visited the Ferry Innovation Works to watch the innovation achievements.Smiling, he stepped out of the bus and shook hands with Liu chunsheng.The day will never be forgotten in Liu chunsheng’s mind.The Premier said that the Ferryway Innovation Works should not only give full play to the strengths of each maker, but also carry forward the spirit of being in the same boat. When difficulties arise, we should all shoulder the difficulties together and pull the OARS to sail the ship, so as to ferry more makers to the other side of success.”In the army, bugle calls are orders.For those who have served as soldiers, responsibility and responsibility are the unceasing call of charge!”Being recognized by the Premier and receiving numerous honors, Liu Chunsheng has not lost his way. He is more focused on serving entrepreneurs, paying back the society and helping entrepreneurs with practical actions, and turning the premier’s expectation into reality step by step.He lead the team to further explore the mechanism for entrepreneurs to money problems, the company’s new purchase 4 square meters of housing incubator, is with the help of the government department for division of property, to make it 100 property, realize property and equity and TouDai linkage, try this innovation not only activate the fixed assets, will also help more entrepreneurs.At the same time, with jilin Bank, Jilin Equity Exchange and other financial institutions, to build more financing platforms for entrepreneurs;In order to fulfill the requirements of jilin Provincial Party Committee and provincial government of “promoting the ferryboat business service model”, Ferryboat is accelerating the construction of “incubator school” to cultivate incubator and business service personnel.As a Chinese saying goes, “It is better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish.” Liu Chunsheng is willing to connect with more peers to jointly expand the channel of “entrepreneurship and innovation”, so that incubators can produce more high-quality projects and contribute to the high-quality development of Jilin.(Published in Chinese Ex-Servicemen, No. 2, 2022) Source: Chinese Ex-Servicemen