Lu Bu has never beheaded a general, why is he called the first strong general of the three countries?Because of a record that no one can beat

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The Period of The Three Kingdoms is the most wonderful period of history in China. In the troubled times of The Three Kingdoms, it can be said that a large number of heroes emerged. With the appearance of the Romance of The Three Kingdoms in the later period, the heroes in The Three Kingdoms became more legendary.Arrive again later, it is a lu 2 zhao 3 dian wei, 4 pass 5 horse 6 zhang Fei’s fierce general rank, to The Three Kingdoms force value rank, there are a lot of dispute all the time, but the rank of a military general has never had any dispute however, and this undisputed figure is the flying general of the first rank Lv Bu.In the hearts of fans of The Three Kingdoms, Lu Bu is the first undisputed, but those familiar with The Three Kingdoms know that Lu Bu never killed a famous general in his life, so why can he sit the position of the first powerful general of The Three Kingdoms?Since he joined Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu gradually became famous on the battlefield. However, as we all know, those who died at the hands of Lu Bu were some nobody, and guan Yu, who ranked fourth, had a record of cutting off Yan Liang and wen Chou. In contrast, The title of Lu Bu no. 1 was really not qualified.The reason why Lu Bu was called the most powerful general of The Three Kingdoms was not by beheaded generals, but by a record that no one could break, which was yuanmen shooting halberd.Before YuanMen shoot ji, lu yong, but shall not be in The Three Kingdoms first, but after YuanMen shoot ji, lu bu to ring in the name of the world, because lyu3 bu4 relying on our own strength and the ring of archery, offensive don’t FeiYiBing ceased a war, let the world hero is amazing, and YuanMen shoot ji also became a household name later allusion.Although many people know the allusion of Yuanmen shooting halberd, they do not know much about the concept of Yuanmen shooting halberd. According to historical records, in the Qin and Han dynasties, the ancients usually used steps to describe the distance visually. In ancient times, one step was about six feet, the distance of one foot was almost 23 centimeters, and six feet was equivalent to 1.38 meters.Lu Bu’s distance of shooting halberd at Yuanmen is 150 paces away, which is equivalent to the present distance of 207 meters. As you know, 207 meters is equivalent to the distance of half a mile. However, in our country’s Olympic archery competition, the effective range is only 70 meters.It can be seen that Lv Bu is not only highly skilled in martial arts, but also unmatched in the world. In addition, his horse is a famous red rabbit horse, and the halberd in the hand of the square sky painting kills countless enemies on the battlefield. Therefore, the name of the first military general of The Three Kingdoms falls on Lv Bu.Although do not have well-known military general dead in lv Bu’s square day drawing halberd under, but he once with a lot of well-known fierce general hand in hand, still have even with one enemy much record, although did not win, but Lv Bu also accomplished whole body and retreat.The three leading is numerous, but slightly worse than lyu3 bu4, if of fight the battle, guan yu, xu 禇, dian wei, sun chien, zhang fei, such as not as inferior as lu bu will, how much, but can do to an enemy but can get away with more, even only lyu3 bu4 a person, if according to the analysis of this lyu3 bu4 martial arts is also no one can enemy.Lv Bu did not kill any general on the battlefield to still have an important reason, that is on the battlefield, always when the world general meets Lv Bu, it is to greet a group of people besiege him together, from dare not alone come forward and lv Bu fight alone, because everyone knows Lv Bu’s valor, so no one dares and Lv Bu single pick.Present unique lyu3 bu4 knows his own strength, as a living first in Athens, he itself also has some difficult pride, ordinary people so regardless of what the other person, no matter how many people are opposite, lyu3 bu4 fearless, every time he ride a red hare come forward to play with people, and in all the match-up lyu3 bu4 none defeat, this just makes him present The Three Kingdoms first in Athens.As for those who died in the unknown under The halberd of Lu Bu, it is a few foolish generals who do not know heaven and earth, and the result is naturally by Lu Bu with square day painting halberd one by one to pick down the horse.What do you think about that?Let me know in the comments section below.