Pineapple flavor strawberry 150 yuan per catty!Why are they so expensive?What’s the taste like?

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Every winter, there will be a small number of different flavors of strawberry on the market, and cream strawberry is the most popular, the price is about 40-50 yuan per catty.However, the recent emergence of a new strawberry variety “pineapple flavor strawberry 150 yuan a catty” has aroused public concern, so why is pineapple flavor strawberry so expensive?What about the taste?One, pineapple flavor strawberry 150 yuan a catty is how to return a responsibility?Why are they so expensive?Recently, different varieties of strawberries have entered the picking season in various places. In a greenhouse in Jinshan District, Shanghai, one after another, the newly matured “snowfield strawberries” hang on the vine, white with powder in color.According to the introduction, the strawberry has a sweet and sour taste in the mouth, somewhat similar to the taste of pineapple.As it just came into the market, the price of “xueyuan strawberry” is 100 to 150 yuan per catty.Pineapple-flavoured strawberries are expensive for the following reasons: 1. They are just coming into the market. Since strawberries are just coming into the market from December to January, production is not high.As temperatures rise, prices are expected to fall slightly in mid-to-late January as production rises.In recent years, more and more people like to eat strawberries. In order to cater to the public taste, new strawberry varieties with different flavors will be launched.And every time a new variety is launched, it will be sought after by the public, but naturally the price will be higher, but generally the price will drop in the second year.Pineapple-flavored strawberries are expensive Because they contain a substance called bromelinase, which breaks down protein.If you have inflammation, edema or thrombosis, do not prevent in active treatment at the same time, appropriate to eat some pineapple strawberry, I believe will play a certain auxiliary role.What is the taste of pineapple strawberry?According to the introduction, the strawberry has a sweet and sour taste in the mouth, somewhat similar to the taste of pineapple.For most Chinese, sweet, fragrant, soft and juicy are our evaluation criteria for good strawberries. Here we recommend some delicious strawberries to help you make a better choice.Strawberry variety 1: The strawberries with the greatest supply in early spring.It’s big, red, medium hard, sweet, nice strawberry variety.Identification features, the surface sag is relatively deep, strawberry center is also red.The popular cream strawberry in the market, Dandong 99 strawberry is actually the beauty of this variety.2. Strawberry variety 2: Zhangji is the most fragrant, softest and sweetest strawberry.The whole fruit is like an elongated cone with a slender body.The fruit is white in the center.The aroma is very strong, with a strong sweet aroma, and the taste is very soft, so that it is difficult to store and transport, and the probability of appearing is not high.3. Strawberry variety 3: Xing Xiang is very red in color, with a flavor of honey and caramel.The head is relatively small, the fruit is an approximate peach-shaped state, there is a small beak, the surface of the small fruit depression depth medium.Generally speaking, the reason why pineapple-flavored strawberries cost so much at 150 yuan per catty is that they are new to the market, new varieties and contain special substances.And the taste is also sour sweet, and pineapple more like.