Shandong rare!Lacquered wood coffins and plant seeds were found in a Ming Dynasty tomb in Jinan, which is well preserved

2022-05-24 0 By

Jinan Institute of Archaeology has successfully completed the excavation of a Ming Dynasty tomb south of Feyue Avenue, according to the official website of Jinan Culture and Tourism Bureau.The tomb is shaped like a stone chamber tomb with a square dome roof. The overall plane is in the shape of “A”, consisting of tomb ramp, tomb door, passage and tomb chamber.The tomb ramp is located in the south, the plane is nearly rectangular, straight wall, the bottom of the step and slope type;The door of the tomb is a double stone gate with a wall on it and a wall of eight characters on the outside.The corridor is flat and two-sided slope;The lower part of the tomb is square and the upper part is a circular dome.It is understood that three human bones were found in the tomb, and porcelain jars, porcelain POTS, porcelain furnaces, tomb brick, bronze mirrors, copper coins and other utensils were unearthed.It is estimated that the tomb was in the early Ming Dynasty.It is worth noting that there are two important discoveries in this excavation. One is a well-preserved lacquered wood coffin found in the tomb, and the other is a large number of plant seeds filled around the human bones in the coffin.No obvious anticorrosive measures were found in this tomb, and the wooden coffin and seeds were well preserved, which is rare among archaeological discoveries in Shandong, providing important data for the study of funeral customs and social culture at that time.(Qilu Evening News · Qilu One Point reporter Cheng Linggrun Intern reporter Zhang Aixin)