Common allusions to ancient Chinese poems and poems: Paoding Cleiniu (2)

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Don’t say reading is bitter, it is the way to see the world — Wang Qi’s Ode to Cut jade Sword: “When you should be broken, you can cut GUI Zan, you can judge Qiong Ju.Liu Changqing’s poem “Farewell to Li Wan, Secretary of Yingchuan” : “And I know that the blade is all virtual, and there are often more than one copy.”Dou mou “shu fu” on: “Xie’s three kun, shang Cao jun, still note the waterfall of flying stream slip, cast the virtual edge of the whole cattle.”Huang Tingjian “Huang Yingzhou elegy three” two: “sleeve cast virtual blade, when no nose workers.”Liu Yiqing “New Words of Shi Shuo · Platoon Tone” : “Fan Rongqi saw Xi super vulgar feeling is not light, the play said ‘Yi Qi nest xu a reputation, why bother to form a bitter, support according to wu Ye?’When Xi did not answer, Han Kangbo said,’ Why don’t you make his passes all empty?'” Huang Tingjian “second rhyme send on seven brother” : “who said with ease, self-confident meritless can fill the day.”MAO Dun “Midnight” 17: “Now they do all they can to do bonds, naturally feel comfortable.”Li Ting “water Dragon Yin · Xiao Gongbi sheng dynasty” word: “all the way toward xiang things outside, solution ox knife, blade swim leeway.”Yuan Yi “send six friends in Wu” one of: “leeway know you, who solution wheel.”Liu Zongyuan “send garden on the first return to the pilgrimage poem preface” : “view its drop Yang in the field of art, playing on the Forest of Wenhan, wind and rain in the letter, cloud hair in the slips……Very strong.”Li Shangyin’s poem “On the City” : “Jia Sheng is very skillful, fu and on the war.”Chen Zhongshi “cattle fu” : “Amazed by the wandering knife all in the eyes, carrying jin in the nose.”Su Shi “send jiang Yingshu two” of two: “More than the edge of the west Tu Heng Haikun, should be more poetry is swim soul.”Huang Tingjian “south tower painting pavilion view fang Gongyue two small poem play second rhyme” one: “five Phoenives building hand, in the blade also spirit.”Lu You “Read Mr. Wanling poem” poem: “life solution ox hand, the blade only slow.”Wu jan-jung in the History of Pain, “These five hundred monks…Now I begin to display my courage after years of practicing.”One of the hardest things to understand is the place called One of the bottles.Bottle opener, bottle opener and so on.No bottle opener, no bottle opener.Huang Tingjian “send Li Desu to Shucheng” poem: “Dance all things table, hidden blade avoid bottle opener.”Lu You “Yiqiong” poem:” Rather solution cattle meet one of the bottle opener, how can make a fine horse.”Yang Zai “send Wang Jie learning twenty rhyme” : “bell front line bottle opener, smelling salt mei.”Li Shangyin “send taiyuan Lu Siong thirty rhyme” : “only worry about no bottle opener, not feel the smell of mutton.””Yuan History · Wang Duzhong biography” : “in all the trouble analysis, move in the bottle opener, (officials) are palate yi dare not.”Yang Ji “Zaojiao Beach” poem: “niu Dao used to cook in the bottle opener, Ying ax god jie back to the edge.””History of The Ming Dynasty · Biography of Zhang Juzheng” : “Between a language often to the point, people tend to be strict.”Lu Xun’s “Lace Literature · Making an Article” : “Gorky said: the popular language is the embryo, added work is literature.A fair indication, I think.”To be continued…This number is a dissemination of excellent literature inheritance of traditional culture platform.Reading is an important small matter, pay attention to this number, together to read nourishing, lifelong learning!# Idioms and Their Stories #