Hanjiang District market supervision bureau to strengthen pre-festival food market supervision

2022-05-25 0 By

The latest developments of Hanjiang development, the latest news of Hanjiang society.Welcome to pay attention to hanjiang news!The Spring Festival is coming, in recent days, Hanjiang District market supervision bureau actively carried out special rectification work during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival food safety, to ensure that the masses during the festival “tongue safety”.During the special inspection, the agency law enforcement personnel to prepare it jurisdiction has to undertake the completion of the hotel, the old PuXian and other large and medium-sized catering service units to carry out the food safety inspection, key check catering units to carry out the certification of the public, workers, health management and feeding equipment operation, tableware disinfection, food raw materials show me ticket record and food retention samples, etc.,Operators are required to strictly implement the food safety management system and epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure food safety.At the same time, law enforcement officers to wal-mart, yong hui supermarkets and farmers’ markets and other places, check the holiday consumption of meat, eggs, flour, oil, dairy products, pre-packaged food, wine and other commodities, full implementation of food safety responsibility for food operators, strictly perform incoming inspection and “a yard” system, to ensure the safety of food quality.It is understood that in order to ensure food safety during the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, the bureau from late December last year, the organization to carry out a series of food safety special rectification, focus on strict “three gateways” : strict food production.Strengthen the supervision and inspection of food production and processing enterprises, focusing on rice, flour, edible oil and other enterprises, focusing on the inspection of raw materials purchase inspection, product inspection, production process control and personnel health management, complete the inspection of all grain and oil production and processing enterprises in the area before the Spring Festival, to ensure the quality and safety of hot-selling food such as grain and oil.Strictly shut down the food business.We will strengthen oversight of food safety in key areas such as farmers’ markets, shopping malls, supermarkets and catering service units, urge food operators to strictly implement the purchase inspection system, carry out self-inspections, and eliminate potential food safety hazards in a timely manner.Strictly close the imported cold chain.Strengthen the safety supervision of imported cold-chain food, urge the production and operation units of imported cold-chain food to implement the reservation warehousing registration system for imported cold-chain food, strictly implement centralized supervision and “three-in-one” management measures for imported cold-chain food, and strictly prevent the risk of imported epidemic.Up to now, the bureau has inspected food production and operation units 106 times, carry out grain and oil, vegetables, aquatic products and other rapid testing 222 batches are qualified, transferred to the municipal food violation clues 6.(district Market Supervision Bureau) editor | Zhu Xiuhua editor | Lin Yixia contribution hjqrmtzx666@163.com Director | Propaganda Department of Hanjiang District Committee host | Hanjiang District Finance Media Center