The most tender side of the tough man Putin is all given to these three women

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The recent Russian witch war situation, it can be said is the boiling profusion on the Internet, not only Putin’s walking posture is concerned by the netizens, even the three women behind him, but also by the netizens dig out, who can think of Russia’s strong leader.A daughter slave that everyone knows about.For example, the super powerful former PRESIDENT Of the United States, Donald Trump, whose daughter, Eka, is the real first daughter of the United States, is not only good-looking but also excellent, which is almost the target of countless girls to follow.Even though he is good, he is not the world no.1, so who can deserve this title?Putin’s eldest daughter Maria.As one of the great powers of the Russian President, vladimir putin to the public image has been a tough guy, blood is such a man has his weakness, in 1996, Mr Putin’s living villa unexpectedly unexpectedly is on fire, that’s his wife and daughters, he arrived too late, such as the fire spread to the daughter room directly, putin directly want to don’t want to rush to go in,Braved the fire to carry away her sleeping daughter.After the incident, Putin realized that it was definitely not an accident, and the root cause was his status. To know that being a president’s family is like dancing on a tightrope, putin could not protect them all the time, no matter how good he was, but his approach was even more admirable.Begin in two daughters after high school, he had put their hidden for 30 years in a row, even it is at home please personal training, to learn in college after more anonymity, even out of the door with a group of bodyguards, want to go out to play that’s impossible, not to mention what fall in love, it’s bodyguard decreased after college, but, after all, identity is different from others,It was inevitable that they would be treated differently, but that did not affect the excellence of their daughters.Maria, in particular, has excelled both in school and in her career.Although she and her predecessor were childhood sweethearts, men would become worthless if they had money, and would not cherish it. After only five years of marriage, yekaterina was given a green hat, which was reported by netizens as outrageous.If the president’s daughter is green, do you want to die?Compare that to maria, who led the team that developed the Russian vaccine as countries around the world have been affected by the spread of COVID-19 in recent years.He is not only beautiful but also talented, which can be called putin’s strong backing.Another woman is particularly important to Putin: his ex-wife Lyudmila.Lyudmila was the only woman he had ever loved in his life, but their marriage lasted only 30 years.Lyudmila once said in an interview, when learned that Mr Putin, his heart was not happy, instead of fear, on Russia’s wife to this place, means that he will no longer have a private life, every action will be monitored, not only that, and accompanied with Mr Putin to visit abroad, combined with their own body is not good, finally in June 2013,After watching a ballet performance at the Kremlin, Lyudmila told reporters that the divorce was amicable.It also shocked many people, many of whom broke their heads to take the seat when she could have given up at any time.Putin later told the media that he was also happy after his divorce.After a three-year divorce, lyudmila married a man 20 years her junior, which was thought to have broken her husband’s heart.Whether Lyudmila’s current husband was concerned about his money or about love is anyone’s guess.As Mencius said: you can’t have your cake and eat it too.This is the only choice Putin has to make in the face of time.