Kaifeng, Henan province: a man married a bride to 66 thousand not to get off the car gifts, netizens: not kind

2022-05-26 0 By

When a man got married in Kaifeng, Henan Province, his bride asked for 66,000 yuan to get out of the car as a gift. She would not get out of the car without money, because the man would not raise enough money for a while, and the man’s relatives sent his friends to wait in place, which made the man extremely embarrassed.Before the marriage, the man according to the woman’s request to buy a house and a car, betrothal gift to 260,000 yuan, the woman asked to marry 148,000 yuan to get on the car gift, the man’s parents in order to make the wedding smoothly, compromise, unexpected is the woman also 66,000 yuan off the car gift.Millet comment: the woman’s practice is not honest, the wedding should be held in each link of the wedding before the two sides negotiate, can not sit and set the price, make the man is very passive, the big day make everyone unhappy.