The fitting was stolen!Who knows these shoplifters?

2022-05-27 0 By

What do you do if you try on clothes at the mall and someone steals your clothes and things?Recently, Qian ‘an CAI encountered such a bad shopping thing.On the morning of April 2, he was in xingbao clothing World on the third floor to select goods, but within 10 minutes of putting on his new clothes and looking in the mirror, his old pants, car keys, mobile phone and other personal items in the fitting room were stolen.However, CAI could only buy the pants he tried on, searched upstairs and downstairs, but he chose to call the police and contacted the shopping mall to check the surveillance video. The police also conducted on-site investigation and evidence collection.▲ Monitoring screen Check the monitoring screen found: During the ten minutes Mr. CAI left, only the person in the picture passed the fitting room.If you know them, you can also contact Mr. CAI at 19931563983.What was originally a happy consumption experience turned into an embarrassing and speechless shopping experience. What happened that day made Mr. CAI very angry.So, what do we do with such a thing?To avoid this kind of experience, what do consumers and business entities, like shopping malls, need to do?Of course, the first time must be the police investigation evidence.At the same time, in order to avoid this kind of situation to continue to happen, we also remind consumers to be vigilant when shopping, put personal items in sight, to avoid providing opportunities for thieves;Moreover, shopping malls and other business units should also shoulder the responsibility of security, to provide consumers with a safe and assured consumer environment.Take this opportunity to small make up also want to advise people engaged in petty theft now where there are cameras do not save the psychological luck as early as a precipice, to avoid the road to crime