The heart!He thought he could be the second man to leave Durant, but now the team is sold

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The heart!Originally thought to leave Durant can be the second master, but now the team was sold!Dinwiddie, as we all know, left the Brooklyn Nets for the Washington Wizards last offseason to start a new chapter in his career.In fact, last offseason, the Nets were considered to keep him, after all, the previous season in durant, Irving both season expense, dinwiddie was a person to carry the burden of the team and finally led the team to the playoffs, the Nets will not forget his good!Dinwiddie doesn’t want to stay in Brooklyn, though, because he knows he won’t be able to get the starting spot and team status he wants if he stays with Durant, Irving and Harden.Although unlikely to have the franchise, dinwiddie believes he has it and can do it.In any case in Durant, Irving injury that season, the Nets in the outside world is not expected to lead the team into the eastern conference playoffs, this is the best proof of strength.Better die when life is a disgrace!That’s how Dinwiddie felt at the time, so he left the Nets to play with Bradley Beal in Washington, D.C., despite repeated requests from the Nets to do so. Clearly, he wanted to be the second team player in the Wizards, because westbrook’s departure was a good opportunity for him to step up.Early season Washington Wizards in Dinwiddie, Kuzma, Harrell, Pope and other people joined, really let a person bright!The opening record is also quite amazing, and even once reached the top of the East!But they were quickly beaten back by the brutal competition that tore off the false powerhouse label and dropped them to 10th place in the Eastern Conference with a 23-24 record and a.500 record.This is very different from their early season momentum, can be a typical case of high open low!Dinwiddie didn’t seem to be doing well either. He didn’t become the wizards’ number two, bill’s number one helper.But more zha heart is, now dinwiddie even have to face the fate of being sold by the team!Earlier, The Bleachers published an article about a possible trade in the near future, which highlighted Wizards guard Dinwiddie.According to the article, The Washington Wizards are open to a trade for Dinwiddie because he doesn’t mesh well with franchise star Bradley Beal, while the Wizards, who have had a slow start to the season, are looking to consolidate talent in order to retain Beal this offseason.It seems likely dinwiddie will be sold by the Wizards before the trade deadline.The team had to move Dinwiddie in order to keep Beal, and it was clear that the Wizards needed to make a move to stabilize their position.This makes people have to feel for Dinwiddie heart plug, originally wanted to come to the Wizards as the second man, did not expect to be the new owner of the Wizards after half a season to clean out the door, even pierced the heart!To know that he was originally in order to leave Durant to join the Wizards can legitimately become the team’s second master, which material not quick body first die!Have to admit, he really is to do 2 head of the heart did not do 2 head of the life!