The resumption rate of key projects in Fuzhou reached 100%

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Construction site of Fumi Industrial Park.(Picture provided by project party) A good spring, 100 ge sailing.Machinery rumbled on the site, trucks passed, setting off a construction boom…Reporters recently learned from the municipal Development and Reform Commission (the key office of the city), Fuzhou province in the construction of key projects in the resumption rate of 100%, to ensure that the first quarter of the “good start”.This is Fuzhou to grasp the project construction, planning “red year round” sonorous pace.Research by the municipal party committee and municipal government, in 120 days “crucial” special operation results, on the basis of fuzhou city this year continue to carry out the “project works to carry out the” action, work hard to build the early stage of the investment to the ground, to deepen, character moving acceleration, and ground, due to technical modification and transfer land, reset and so on six big crucial action, promote 4241 projects a breakthrough,We will give full play to the supporting role of major projects, make provincial capitals bigger, better, and stronger, and accelerate the development of modern international cities.”Centering on the work arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, we planned in advance and organized carefully, and achieved good results in the Spring Festival without stopping work and the centralized construction of the first quarter.”The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission said that the following, will continue to play a leading role in the overall function, implement the key measures, pay close attention to the implementation of responsibility, riveted foot “tiger strength” to speed up, promote the project construction “steady door” “off to a good start”.Jin ‘an key enterprises commendation conference and investment promotion conference held.Reporter Chen Nuan fights for a “good start” in the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze sent warmth.During the Spring Festival, about 15,000 construction workers worked on the first line of 104 major projects, such as the Fuzhou Hengmei Photoelectric polarizing project and the Fuzhou-Changle Airport intercity railway project, laying the foundation for a “good start” in the first quarter.On the first day after the Spring Festival holiday, Fuzhou organized 162 projects to start construction, with a total investment of 112 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 39.4 billion yuan.We will promote the early start of projects and the formation of investment as soon as possible.In Fuqing, 19 projects are concentrated and the chemical industry is strong.As an indispensable part of the integrated isocyanate industrial chain of Wanhua Fujian Industrial Park, Wanhua Chemical (Fujian) officially started construction of the PVC project with an annual output of 800,000 tons.After completion of the project, jiangyin Gangcheng Economic Zone chemical industry chain will be reshaped.On the same day, wanhua Chemical (Fujian) Co., Ltd. will expand the TDI project of 250,000 tons/year, which will further improve the TDI manufacturing technology of Jiangyin Gangcheng Economic Zone, drive the development of downstream PVC and other high value-added fine chemicals industry chain, and improve the competitiveness of the regional industry.Binhai New city east Lake park phase ii construction.Reporter Yu Shaolin photo in Changle, 18 projects concentrated construction, energy storage high-quality development.The changle direct warehouse of central grain reserve with a total investment of 390 million yuan will be located in Matsushita Town. It is planned to expand 27 shallow silos, build supporting production and living auxiliary facilities such as work tower and automobile receiving station, and build general drawing projects such as roads, floors and hydropower external network, simultaneously build scientific and technological grain storage and intelligent technology application facilities, and increase the storage capacity of 209,000 tons.At the same time, fuzhou no. 19 Middle School Binhai Campus project, Binhai New City East Lake Park phase II and other livelihood projects began to build momentum for high-quality development.In Lianjiang, 13 projects are under construction, continuing to pursue deep blue dream.With the east wind of “Fuzhou on the Sea”, Lianjiang will expand new space for Marine economic development, and hongdong deep-sea intelligent fishing brigade platform will be built.The platform is 92 meters long, 36 meters wide and 27 meters deep. It is equipped with 30 deep-sea aquaculture cages, equipped with automatic feeding, catching, net clothing cleaning, environmental monitoring and other equipment, as well as viewing and fishing platforms. It is a large-scale semi-submersible offshore fishing and tourism complex integrating deep-sea intelligent breeding, tourism and leisure, and renewable energy utilization.The project is scheduled to be completed in late July this year, and will be put into dinghai Bay to further release the potential of deep-sea aquaculture equipment.In Mawei, 12 projects are under construction to boost the new energy industry.Fuzhou mawei smart base project start new energy equipment, plans to build 270000 square meters of standardization, intelligent factory, as well as science and technology research and development center, the central intelligence, warehousing logistics center layout detection, advanced lithium-ion batteries energy storage, intelligent charging pile and other new energy equipment production line, build a new energy equipment for the domestic leading smart base.The construction of the project will effectively promote the aggregation of upstream and downstream enterprises of the new energy industry chain. After it is put into operation at the end of next year, it will be able to produce 10 million sets of new energy equipment annually and its annual output value will reach 15 billion yuan….One by one, big projects and good projects are concentrated and started, sounding the bugle call of the New Year, and all the people in Fuzhou have made a “good start” to the project construction in the first quarter with vigorous energy.Fuzhou Mawei New energy equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Base project started.Reporter Ouyang Jin Quan shot district county competition push “combination fist” under the “first hand chess”, the project was defeated, accurate layout of the industry board;Take out “serial recruit”, project rolling, build solid foundation of economic development……Riveting full “tiger strength”, the districts and counties in the Spring Festival before and after a “combination of boxing”, carry out “project implementation year” action.We will strengthen policy support.Before the Spring Festival, Changle district took the lead in issuing the “Navigation Rules” to expand effective investment.The “Navigation Rules” mainly include policies and measures to stabilize the investment base, guarantee the labor demand of the project, innovate the mode of transportation investment and construction, accelerate the early-stage incentive to start work, strengthen the investment attraction of the project, strengthen the fund guarantee of the project, and strengthen the guarantee of the use of forest and sea for the land use of the project.To carry out the “Project implementation year” action, Changle will arrange 187 major construction projects with a planned investment of 60.64 billion yuan.Of these, 72 projects under construction were accelerated, 60 planned projects were launched at an early date, and 55 planned completed projects were completed and put into operation at an early date.Make efforts to attract investment.On the second day of the holiday, Gulou held the 2022 Spring Festival symposium and the signing ceremony of key investment promotion projects. Nine industrial chain projects covered the main direction of gulou industry, such as new generation information technology, new energy, cultural and creative tourism, and finance, which was the first shot of investment promotion in the “Project Implementation Year”.This year, the drum tower will implement a crucial task “, led by a leader, a responsibility unit, a set of program, a set of implementation plan “of the” five one “, to promote the construction of 27 under construction speed, service guarantee 16 key project construction, four completion project successfully completed, 1441 investment projects come into effect as soon as possible.Ensuring factors of production.Cangshan District government and China Merchants Bank Fuzhou Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement Wednesday.According to the agreement, from 2022 to 2027, China Merchants Bank Fuzhou Branch will provide a credit line of 30 billion yuan to the Cangshan District government, focusing on supporting major industrial projects such as upgrading and renovation of Jinshan Orange Park industrial Park and science and innovation Corridor, urban renewal and construction projects such as Huangshan Area, improving urban infrastructure, supporting the development and expansion of the real economy,And projects to strengthen weak links in areas such as education, medical care and elderly care.This is the cangshan district to implement the “project implementation year” action important starting point.On The 12th, jin ‘an key enterprises commendation conference and investment promotion conference was held, which opened the whole district “project implementation year” action curtain.In 2022, Jin ‘an District will strive to complete 5 major industry chain projects worth more than 5 billion yuan, introduce 20 strong chain complementing chain extension projects and 15 key investment projects worth more than 1 billion yuan.To achieve the above goals, jinan district hired role in all walks of life to be merchants commissioner, to facilitate the whole investment promotion work, make recommendations, also set up 19 branch of China merchants group (including two merchants interact, 17 action caravan), will and investment promotion commissioner, entrepreneurs, on behalf of the multidimensional, expand investment in the “friends”.The start is the overall situation, the start is sprint.The relevant person in charge of the municipal development and reform commission (NDRC) said the nonyl tiger year, the municipal development and reform commission will be energetic energy system, to coordinate and supervise the implementation, create a good atmosphere for the project construction, give full play to the important projects of comprehensive promote the development of high quality beyond the support of leading role to promote fuzhou city economic development to a new level.On the basis of summarizing the experience of the special action of “Grasping projects for Promotion” and “120 days for overcoming difficulties” in 2021, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission sorted out 4,241 overcoming difficulties projects, and clarified the overcoming difficulties target, completion deadline, responsible units and responsible persons one by one.Ensure that every key project is implemented to specific units, specific personnel.On the basis of 16 provincial key service projects in the first quarter, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission sorted out 84 projects with large investment scale and strong driving force to be listed as key service objects in the first quarter of Fuzhou, earnestly implemented the working mechanisms such as monthly coordination meeting of major projects and “top Priority” supervision, and made every effort to do a good job in examination and approval services and factor guarantee.At the “good start” financing meeting of Fuzhou Financial support in the first quarter held recently, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission recommended 46 major projects with a total investment of 81.8 billion yuan and a total financing demand of 42.1 billion yuan….One real recruit, real recruit is the city development and Reform Commission to implement the “project implementation year” action “first chess”.The municipal development and reform commission (NDRC) relevant controller introduces, fuzhou work out a “project works to carry out the” action plan, to come up with “serial”, “battle” of the sprint “red” for the whole year, according to the early stage of the project, scratching depth, signing project construction, promoting the production of construction projects investment requirements, highlight the effect of target orientation, orientation, orientation,We will focus on strengthening projects, strengthening industries, attracting more people, and improving the environment.Hongdong deep-sea wisdom fishing tour platform effect picture to carry out major projects investment landing action.The city plans to introduce 468 major projects, including 143 industrial chain projects, with contractual foreign investment of more than 30 billion yuan. Guided by project benefits (tax payment, payment, investment, and major projects), the city will promote the new projects to produce benefits faster and the existing projects to start construction as soon as possible.We will take action to advance major projects.We will deepen reform of the “pipes” and constantly optimize parallel commitment, regional assessment and examination and approval, told “a trip don’t have to run” “up to run a trip to the” examination and approval service mechanism, such as reduction of link, pressure time, continuously strengthen the depth of prophase work, arrange the early stage of the project, 737 annual plan, complete the examination and approval the early stage of the 3611 nodes.We will launch a campaign to requisition and relocate major projects.We concentrated our efforts and time to overcome the “last mile” problems of landing projects and comprehensively building new ones. We arranged 377 relocation projects and handed over 626 land projects for the year.We launched a campaign to speed up major construction projects.This year, we accelerated the construction of 1,659 major projects and planned to invest 430.38 billion yuan in them, generating and expanding effective investment and creating new areas of economic growth and support for development.We will launch a campaign to upgrade the technology of major projects and expand production.We will promote the in-depth application of new materials, new energy, and new-generation information technology in the manufacturing industry. We will speed up the energy conservation, carbon reduction, and green development of the metallurgy, building materials, and petrochemical industries. We will guide the textile, chemical and fiber industries, machinery manufacturing and other industries to develop high-end industries, and encourage the light industry, food, and biomedical industries to improve their quality and build brands.This year, 172 key technological renovation projects worth more than 100 million yuan will be launched, with a total investment of 187.77 billion yuan, and 68 projects will be completed and put into operation.Launching the “zero clearance” action of land transfer projects.We will effectively solve the problem of land transfer and create conditions for the smooth construction of the project.The annual plan is to complete the land transfer of 15,000 mu.”We will use a sound working mechanism and inspection and assessment methods to coordinate and supervise the implementation of action plans and promote the construction of major projects.”The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission introduced that the next step will be to establish and improve the regular coordination and scheduling mechanism of key projects, coordinate to solve the “difficult, hard, heavy and new” problems in the project promotion, and fully ensure the orderly progress of project construction;Implement the “four one” promotion mechanism of one project, one responsible leader, one specialized team and one set of plans, regularly contact and visit the project owners to learn about the situation face-to-face, publicize policies, coordinate problems and promote the project.Article source: Fuzhou Daily quality content recommended spring soil patting prospectus: Fuzhou first soil patting will come!20 plots appear!After market still is given priority to with steady billions, cao has again underweight cash-out $9, for the construction of fuyao university of science and technology!The century-old school will set up a branch school in Sanjiangkou!The educational resources of the area were further improved