Warm heart!”Overbearing driver” to the toll station little sister threw fruit

2022-05-27 0 By

Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Sun Yan correspondent Chen Jianping On The afternoon of January 29, Zhejiang Transportation Group Shanghai-Hangzhou expressway Wangdian (Hangxiang) toll booth, a Shanghai-DB minivan driver passing the toll booth, to pass an orange, thank the toll station warm service.”I used to send warmth to the company, but THIS time I was warm to the company.”Provincial traffic group expressway Jiaxing management center Wang Dian toll station toll collector Li Jianfen a little moved.It is understood that at 16:02 p.m., it was just snowing and the weather was cold, but Li Jianfen still stuck to her post and served every crew member warmly.Then the driver of a minivan took out an orange from the cab and handed it to the toll collector saying, “You’ve worked so hard!Thank you for your warm service.”Li jianfen replied warmly, “Thank you!That’s what we should do. I’ll take the orange.”Unexpectedly, the driver quickly came to a precise cast, the orange carrying a warm heart of the driver fell on Li Jianfen’s desk, and then turned back to warm heart the driver had already driven away.