Yiwu is hot again!This large-scale dreamlike fireworks show, swept the screen moments!

2022-05-27 0 By

The setting sun is sinking, late star-light set on January 31, late buddhist temple town of yiwu jiang river basin was rolled out colorful neon lights in the night wind revolves into the buddhist temple town of yiwu unique scenery bright fireworks during the Spring Festival show will decorate colorful and beautiful town in the night sky we spent a happy memorable was on New Year’s eve night,Frequent noise pieces of beautiful fireworks in yiwu bloom adorn the sky bright brightness over the river overflow in the festive atmosphere of those new bloom in a variety of fireworks in the night sky rise the fireworks of different shapes the dizzying ponder the fireworks not only represents the yiwu people the joy of New Year also symbolizes the anticipation and yearning for a better life