20 good deeds done by primary school students

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1. When students need help, they can lend a helping hand to help them in time.2. Take the initiative to hand in money and other items to the teacher.3. Take good care of flowers and trees, not to destroy the environment.4. Do not throw garbage randomly. According to classification, throw the garbage into the garbage can.5. Don’t throw rubbish into the river.6. Help clean up trash you see on the ground.7. Under the guidance of teachers and parents, we can clean the garbage in the community or near the school.8. Help grandma and Grandpa across the street.9. Under the guidance of parents or teachers, go to the nursing home to help grandparents clean, chat with them, sing to them, dance to them.10. Stray animals in the community can be fed.11. Do what you can around the house.12. Massage your family and beat your legs.13. Donate money, books, clothes, toys and so on to the children in the mountains as much as possible.14. Turn off the running tap when no one is using it.15. Turn off the lights in a classroom or room when no one is in.Be able to lend your books to other students.17. Offer your seat on the bus.Cherish every life.19. Ask politely.20. When classmates are sad and sad, they can comfort them.1. What is the role of primary school students doing good deeds?(1) It can exercise their ability and cultivate their good conduct.(2) Be able to develop morally, intellectually, physically, aesthetically and labor in an all-round way.(3) It is conducive to social development and progress.2. How should pupils do good things?(1) Do your best, don’t try to be brave.(2) Ask others for help when you can’t.