A surprise from a volunteer who spent the most exciting birthday in isolation

2022-05-28 0 By

Red Star news (reporter Song Yating) on April 7 reported “happy birthday!”Today, aunt Chen was moved by the blessings in the wechat group.On April 6, some residents of a residential community in Chenghua district were quarantined at home due to the need for epidemic prevention and control.The day after the quarantine was her 50th birthday.”This is the birthday I’ve had the most wishes for!”Aunt Chen said.”I told my daughter not to buy a cake, it’s too much trouble for volunteers.”Aunt Chen told reporters that today is her 50th birthday, her daughter felt special significance, so she ordered a cake, asked volunteers to send up.”Knowing that the community needs to stay at home, I was worried that my family did not prepare anything. I bought a lot of dishes online yesterday, and community volunteers quickly delivered them to my door.”To Auntie Chen’s surprise, many neighbors in the community’s wechat group came to send her birthday wishes when they heard there was a birthday cake.”This birthday is so memorable. It’s the liveliest and best-wishes birthday I’ve had in 50 years. Thank you.”Chen said she was especially grateful to the volunteers for their hard work.”I am deeply moved to see the solidarity and optimism of neighbors and the birthday wishes of so many people. I believe the epidemic will soon pass.”