“Ria de record earth” feng proud day female kui na 5 words trailer

2022-05-28 0 By

Phoenix proud day new, TV animation “Liya de lu earth” the fifth words first map and official introduction to the public, Kwai Na arrived in the north to see grandchildren and a smaller generation!Fifth words “grandson, granddaughter, great-grandson, and fortress” synopsis: in order to complete the daughter Meimei messenger task, Kui Na in Ailene’s help came down to the North of sakai House.The big boss there Kelick turned out to be Meimei’s son, also is the grandson of Quina!Surprise of failure!Kwai Na kindled a flame of anger against Meimei.With a complex mood back to the hotel, this is kelly’s twin sister Kelly na appeared in front of the kui na.· Performance: Mitoji Mitohei General Painting Supervisor: Hanoho Yamaguchi, Yuko Oda, Toshio Masuzoe Painting Supervisor: Masuhiro Seguchi, etc