The first national ski resort list announced!Jilin two places selected beautiful!Go to “happy and forget home”

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The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the General Administration of Sport of China have jointly announced the first batch of national-level ski resorts, with a total of 12 selected, in order to help Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and provide new choices for tourists to travel on ice and snow.Fusong Changbai Mountain and Fengman Songhua Lake in Jilin Province are on the list.Vanke Songhua Lake Resort relies on mountains and rivers. In winter, the mountains lose their green clothes and put on silver clothes, while the water takes off its smart clothes and covers romance. Sitting on the ropeway car, the whole resort is covered with white snow, which is a poetic scene of snow country.Vanke Songhua Lake Resort is located in the southeast of Jilin City, a national 4A level scenic spot, only 15 kilometers away from the main city of Jilin City, about 86 kilometers away from Changchun Longjia International Airport. It is the only ski resort in China that is both a large destination ski resort and the nearest ski resort to big cities.Changbai Mountain International Tourism Resort In Jilin Province, Changbai Mountain is well-known.Located on the edge of the East Asian continent and on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, the changbai Mountain International Tourism Resort is a “resort” for those who love skiing.Cao Enhui, general manager of Jilin Changbai Mountain Development and Construction (Group) Co., LTD., said changbai Mountain has an absolute advantage as a location for ice and snow tourism, with an average winter temperature of -11.6 and average relative humidity of 61 percent.The snow here is dry, soft and firm. The hexagonal snowflake is the signature of pink snow, which is worthy of the name “the most beautiful snowflake” by China Geographic Magazine.White mountain pine water to you issued an invitation!Come to Jilin to experience this feast of ice and snow!(Source: