Clever cao Chong, why 13 years old then died?Sima Yi: He’s so stupid

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“Snow and ice net smart, thunder go elite”.This poem is not to describe people, but the sincere expression of the author Du Fu.Because ice and snow are clean and pure things, they are often used to describe people with noble morality and noble character in ancient poems. Later generations used this poem to describe intelligent people.Throughout the ages, there are many historical celebrities who can use “intelligence” as a label, and they often survive by virtue of their own intelligence to the end, and become a winner in life.But there are also a small number of people, although wise, but too good, do not know how to hide their talents, for their own plans, and finally in the background of the king praised by history.Cao Chong is one of the typical representatives. His intelligence and kindness made him die at the age of 13. Sima Yi also said that he was really stupid.Cao Chong, styled Cang Shu, was born in the late Eastern Han Dynasty by Cao Cao’s concubine Lady Huan.Cao Cao had many sons in his life, but few were as clever as Cao Chong. So Cao Cao took great care of his son and loved him very much.As a boy, Cao Chong was very observant and flexible. He often came up with unique ideas to solve difficulties. Even though he was only a few years old, his wisdom probably exceeded that of adults.Cao Chong said the elephant story I believe everyone is very familiar, and it is because of this event, Cao Chong became a famous “child prodigy”.At that time, Cao Cao was in the north and had never seen any species in the south. It was not until Sun Quan sent him an elephant that Cao Cao realized that there were so many animals in the world that he had never seen before.At that time, Cao Cao was very interested in the giant in front of him and invited civil and military officials to visit together.When talking excitedly, Cao Cao put forward a question: how heavy is the elephant?Hence wenwu baiguan then discussed in succession to open.Some people say to use a large scale, others say that the elephant can only be slaughtered and chopped into pieces to weigh…But there was no reliable method.This is Cao Chong stood out from the crowd, said he had a way.”You can put an elephant on a boat, and the boat will sink and make a mark where the water reaches,” Cao said. “Then you can put a weight on the boat until the water reaches the mark again. Then you can weigh the elephant.”As soon as this method was worked out, the weight of the elephant was measured.Cao Cao looked at Cao Chong triumphantly and said to the civil and military officials at that time: “You are not as clever as my little son!”Since then, Cao Cao treated this son differently.In addition to his clever mind, Cao Chong also has a good heart.He is not only generous and kind to people around him, but also considerate to strangers, just like a “little adult”.On the other hand, his father Cao Cao was a cold-blooded and ruthless emperor who could lose his head if he waited on a careless emperor.Legend has it that once the storekeeper did not take good care of Cao Cao’s saddle, which resulted in the saddle being gnaed by rats. There were very obvious rodent marks and it could not be used any more.He was afraid that he would be beheaded for what he had done. He planned to have himself bound to plead his guilt. However, he was afraid that Cao Cao would not pity him and would still die.When Cao Chong heard about this, he said to the official, “Wait for three days and then go to my father to ask for his apology.”After that, Cao Chong stabbed his clothes with a knife, until it became a mouse biting appearance to stop, and then pretended not happy appearance to see Cao Cao.Cao Cao saw this and asked him what was wrong. Cao Chong replied, “Feng Shui masters among the people say that it is very unlucky to have a rat bite on my clothes, so I am not happy.”Cao Cao began to comfort Cao Chong, saying that it was all superstition and there was no need to care about it.Two days later, cao Cao came to the official to apologize for his SINS. Thinking of his words of consolation, cao Cao said to the official: “My son’s clothes have been bitten by rats. How much less the saddle hanging on a post?”Therefore, the library officials escaped a disaster, but also to Cao Chong’s life-saving grace very grateful.It can be seen that Cao Chong was not only intelligent, but also very kind. After all these things, many ministers were very optimistic about Cao Chong. Even Cao Cao himself often said that he wanted To let Cao Chong inherit the throne.There is an old saying: “The good die young”. In fact, there is some truth in it. Sometimes, a kind heart will not only change respect, but will be bullied and backstabled by the evil people.Jian ‘an thirteen years, Cao Chong was thirteen years old, one day people suddenly reported cao Chong got seriously ill, which let Cao Cao very worried, not only looking for famous doctors to seek rescue, but also personally pray for him to ask God to save his life.Unfortunately, people calculate as day calculate, eventually Cao Chong or not able to heal, his life ended in the year of the thirteen years old.His son died suddenly at the age of 13. Cao Cao was greatly grieved and regretted killing Hua Tuo. “I regret killing Hua Tuo,” he said.”It means that if HUA Tuo had not been killed, my son would not have died.Cao Cao also met cao PI and others who said, “This is unfortunate for me, but fortunate for you!”, cao Cao is clearly placed high hopes on Cao Chong.In addition, Cao Cao also hired the ghost marriage for Cao Chong, historical records have said: “Deng Ai Wang Chong, 13 years, Taizu love, presented riding commander, in order to hire zhen’s dead daughter and co-burial, ordered according to zi Cong, posthumous title.”It means that he arranged the empress wenzhao Zhen dead daughter buried with him, not only after the title, but also the son of Cao Cong for the descendants of Cao Chong.Sima Yi’s remarks on the dragon born nine sons, each different.Cao Cao had many sons, but compared with Cao Chong, cao Cao had a different attitude toward his other sons.The same sons, finally said “Cao Chong died, it is your luck” this kind of words.Clearly, Cao Cao’s heart is also very clear cao Chong’s talent.But as a bystander sima Yi saw more clearly, repeatedly evaluated Cao Chong “stupid”, this is why?Originally, Cao Chong’s death in Sima Yi’s view, is not an accident, but artificial.Cao Chong was very clever, but he never thought of keeping his edge in check. Even if Cao Cao had wanted to be a reserve, Cao Chong did not feel any sense of crisis, nor did he know that his brothers, led by Tsau PI, hated cao Chong’s talent.Conversely think, cao Chong once die, so who is the first to benefit?It was Tsau PI, and this was the origin of cao Cao’s words to Tsau PI.In fact, Tsau PI inherited cao Tsau’s violent personality and was extremely jealous. Tsau Zhi was also in a similar crisis and was made difficult by Tsau PI. Fortunately, tsau Zhi was very high in both emotional intelligence and IQ, and he wrote the finishing line, “We are born from the same root, so why should we be in a hurry?On the contrary, Cao Chong does not understand the dangers around him, but is simply kind, not aware of his intelligence has become a thorn in the side of others.There is often speculation that Cao Chong is not suffering from acute illness, but was murdered.Cao Chong’s story also gives us a lot to think about.There are too many people in life who want to be a good person, or even a smart good person.But this is far from enough. “smart” should not only be based on IQ, but also on EQ.Cao Chong was too young, although he had wisdom, but his life experience was not enough and his emotional intelligence was not exercised, so he did not know how to hide his talents and cultivate obscurity.If he can do a smart emotional intelligence and kind-hearted person, surely the original throne must be Cao Chong.