Explore the birthplace of the Oriental serenade “A Little River Runs Through Water”

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“Follow Bianfan to see the world” “The moon comes out bright wang Wang, think of my brother in the mountains…”In the sixties, a deep and beautiful Yunnan folk song “The river runs water” sang all over the north and south of the river, drunk countless people’s hearts.Today, I am talking about Midian Town in Midu County, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province, which is the birthplace of “A Small River Running Water”. Tracing the artistic conception of the song, I not only saw the beautiful scenery here, but also saw the simple people.Miidu County is subordinate to Dali Prefecture of Yunnan Province, located in the west of Yunnan Plateau, southeast of Dali Prefecture, and xiangyun, Nanhua county, Jingdong, Nanjian County, Weishan County, Dali City.Midu, known as Liuzhao Throat in ancient times, is the hometown of lanterns and folk songs.From the auspicious (cloud) lin2 (Cang) turn into the town.The secret place is civilized etiquette of the township, known as “three townships two areas an ancient road” reputation, that is, “the township of Lanterns in China, the township of culture, the hometown of the world famous song” river drip water “here is the source of” river drip water “– Mi Du county, the secret place xiang yonghe village committee Wensheng street.Here is “tea horse ancient road” west midu territory of an antique small market town.There are many relics of the “tea and horse culture” in those days.The Secret Place is the hometown of civilized etiquette, known as “three townships, two districts and an ancient road” reputation, that is, “the hometown of Chinese lanterns, the hometown of culture, the hometown of the world famous song” The River Runs water “.The village was so quiet that we were the only outsiders wandering along a long old street.Heredity of ancient red street since tang dynasty to the period of the republic of China, the total length of four hundred meters, there is a “car culture” ruins – horse shop, saddle, big bell, lantern, manger,., marks, etc., into the street, you old old log cabin, broken stone path, dark stable, depending on your into the era of the Ming and qing dynasties of tang and song dynasty.Here, it is known as the eastern serenade “river drip water” the collection of the arranger – – Mr Yin Yi Gong’s home.On a sunny winter’s day, I walked into the source of “small river running water”, author: Former residence of Yin Yigong.Brief introduction of Yin Yigong’s former residence.Yin Yigong (1924-2005) was born in Wensheng Street, which is not only a famous folk song hometown, but also a distribution center of horse gang ballads. His father was a music teacher, which made him live in the world of music since he was young.While studying at Yunnan University, Yin joined the school’s South Wind Choir with his classmate Luo Jing.Stream Running water is a Yunnan folk song composed by Yin Yigong in 1947.The lyrics are simple and natural, full of imagination, sincere feelings, inner, high range, wide range, showing the girl’s vitality and pure feelings, is a classic folk song, Huang Hong, Zhu Fengbo, Gong Linna, Tan Jing and other singers have sung the song.After all, Secret site is not a famous scenic spot, not a popular scenic spot.Ordinary tourists can be forgiven for not knowing and failing to come.The river, which sings “The River runs through Water”, comes from Taiji Mountain in Meizhi County. When it reaches the southern end of Wensheng Street, it encounters the ancient Tea horse Road.Out of the street, in front of a cheerful stream, came a grinding halt.A stone on the book “river drip water scenic area” four characters, I do not know is to describe the scenery, or in the story of the past.An ancient wind and rain bridge.A thousand years old locust tree.A gushing pearl spring.Go on, came to the village, I saw the dragon and Phoenix bridge, there is a stone “unicorn”, witness the vicissitudes of the old street, also witness the prosperity and decay of the ancient road.Standing in the river, ear sounded: “the moon came out bright bright bright bright bright, think of my brother in the mountains, brother like the moon sky walk, under the mountain stream water clear and faint, ah, brother ah, you can hear a sister called a brother.””The River runs water” melody, delicate feelings, with folk songs, full of poetic and painting profound artistic conception.The river that stroll leisurely below the moon is the quietest, the river of moonlight coloured drawing and pattern below the moon is the most beautiful, static is a kind of concentration of the United States, the United States is a kind of static magnification.Static and beauty together, then give birth to entangling people’s acacia.This kind of acacia honey as sweet, as intoxicating wine.As far as the eye can see, the small bridge running water, weeping willows clipping the bank, the stream in front of us, willows, ancient Bridges, lush plants and shrubs.The stream rose from the paddy fields into the hills on one side to the open areas of this valley, where the grass was all over and the paddy fields smelled sweet.All of these, make the “stream drip water” source, add a lot of legendary color — waiting for you to discover, excavate…Back to Yin Yi gong’s former residence from the river.Ancient buildings are mostly made of wood and, although still inhabited, open fires are not allowed.There are warning signs at the entrance and visitors are not allowed to smoke.Most of the rooms upstairs and downstairs are set up as showrooms, which are easy to see.Inner courtyard of Former residence of Mr. Yin Yigong.In the former residence of Yin Yigong, the relevant information and pictures of Yin Yigong’s family history, life, the production and development of “River Running Water”, and the hometown secret place of lanterns and folk songs are displayed.Song “the river runs water” arrangement, adaptor Yin Yigong’s former residence.Soothing music whirls in the ancient street, ringing horse bells from time to time, the ancient mode of transportation, through thousands of years of time and space, still does not lose the elegant continuation.”The River runs water” melody, delicate feelings, with folk songs, full of poetic and painting profound artistic conception.Song “the river runs water” arrangement, adaptor Yin Yigong’s former residence.Song “the river runs water” arrangement, adaptor Yin Yigong’s former residence.The former residence of Yin Yigong has formed a three-dimensional multi-dimensional exhibition system with the theme of introducing Yin Yigong’s life and the song “River Running Water”, which has both historical memorial and artistic value. It fully reflects the natural connection between the song “River Running Water” and “The Hometown of Folk songs”, and reproduces the creative background of “River Running Water”.To deepen people’s understanding of Yin Yi Gong and the world famous song “The River Runs water”.The Murmbling river, full of poetic painting, flowing with the girl’s pure love, clinging to the miss, endless care, affectionate yearning….