Sandu Consumers’ Association launched “March 15” consumer rights Day action

2022-05-29 0 By

From March 14 to 15, the market Supervision administration of Sandu Shui Autonomous County conducted inspections in farmers’ markets and shopping malls to ensure a fair, just, safe and stable consumer market through random sampling tests and the appearance of human rights activists.In Hong Kong’s Mingdu Farmers’ Market in Sandu County, workers are patrolling the shops along the street to see if information about various products complies with regulations.Take samples of pork, beef and vegetables sold at butcher stalls and vegetable stands in farmers’ markets and bring the samples to food safety rapid testing vehicles for testing.At the Mingdu Farmers’ Market in Sandu County, Hong Kong, workers patrol the shops along the street.”Sampling inspection of vegetables and meat products on the market will be carried out irregularly according to market conditions.Today we mainly pick up pork, beef, cabbage, green pepper and other commodities for rapid testing, through the test, the results are all qualified, please rest assured that our citizens eat.”Sandu County market supervision bureau food and drug department director Wang Houbang said.On February 20, The 13-year-old son of Sandu resident Ms. Yang went to a local pet shop alone and spent 3,000 yuan to buy a pet dog. She believed that the price was too high and that minors had made large transactions, and both the guardian and the business were at fault. After failing to negotiate with the other party to reduce the price or return the goods, she asked the market supervision administration to intervene.”At that time, I called to consult relevant legal knowledge, then called 12345 and asked the staff of the Market Supervision Administration to come and help us coordinate the handling of the matter.After negotiation, the boss agreed to a discount, and finally both sides came to an agreement.To learn the law, bravely to protect their legitimate rights and interests.”Citizens Ms. Yang said.Through carrying out inspection activities, the majority of consumers have effectively improved the ability to distinguish fake and counterfeit, and the awareness of fighting fake rights protection, and create a good consumer environment.During the campaign, Sandu County destroyed fake and shoddy products seized since 2021, effectively maintaining market order.(Photo/By Zhou Zhongneng and Luo Zhaobing)