Annual New Year’s Eve

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In 2022, the Lunar New Year’s Eve falls on the 29th day of the twelfth month. Soon after, in 2025, it will fall on the 29th day of the twelfth month until 2029.In 1191, the year of Gengwu in the Chinese lunar calendar, New Year’s Eve is the 30th day of the twelfth lunar month.Jiang Kui, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, was on a journey and wrote ten poems from Shihu To Tiaoxi.One said: “Fine grass wear sand and snow half disappear, Wu Palace smoke cold water far away.Plum blossom bamboo nobody see, one night blowing incense over the stone bridge.”In the winter of 1191, Jiang Kui went to Suzhou to visit the great poet Fan Chengda, who had retired and returned to his hometown. He stayed at his shihu villa for several days.Two people trekking for plum, poetry wine singing, very phase.During this period, Jiang Kui himself composed the lyrics of “Fragrance of darkness” and “Thin shadow”.Fan Chengda appreciates these two poems very much and sends the prostitute Xiao Hong to Jiang Kui with joy.On New Year’s Eve, Jiang Kui took Xiao Hong to fetch water back to Tiaoxi Residence.The poet, who had just said goodbye to his good friend, was still excited to return home on the festive season, not to mention accompanied by a Beautiful girl.”One night blowing incense”, the boat is light, mei Xiang accompanied all the way, all the scenery language language.Although Jiang Kui was born in a family of official, his father died early, so he began to live by his sister when he was young.A lifetime of talent, but repeatedly failed.I met many poets all my life, but I still had no power to change my fate, so I had to be down and out all my life.In 1187, he got to know the great poet Yang Wanli and was recommended by him. Then he got to know Fan Chengda and had a trip to shi Lake.As a former deputy prime minister who had retired and returned to his hometown, Fan Chengda appreciated Jiang Kui, but he could only become his poetic friend, which was not helpful to his future.Therefore, reading “From shihu to Tiaoxi Creek”, the poet wrote, “fine grass, sand, Wu Palace, misty water, plum blossom, bamboo bushes, stone bridge”, the typical scenery of jiangnan water village, but this scenery is due to the season and stained with cold, bleak, misty color.The sigh of one’s life.Read a poem written on New Year’s Eve with you.Kui jiang answered the call, “I will spend my New Year in Beijing. Where will you spend your New Year?