High open concussion falls!Shock repair market officially come!

2022-05-30 0 By

How to see if you still have lingering fears on the first day of opening?The year of the Tiger opened the first day, the two cities and three indicators are substantially higher open, but the index and profit effect are stepped down, especially before the opening 20 minutes have high open on the rush, and then the shock fell back, especially in ningde after the fall of the larger, why the first day of the opening year is still scared, tidy up 4 points, together to see:1, financial direction of weight, white wine, oil, are high on impact, but the financial turmoil on the way back after recovery is strong, liquor is poor sales during the holiday leave directly high low, especially a line of big wine lead led by severe repression index, and more as a high open back negative energy, oil and gas mining hard but still conservative, resistant to maintain not fall is lucky.2. Industry Direction Energy, oil and gas, infrastructure become the most beautiful boys in the holiday oil price and natural gas surge, and the good infrastructure and the Belt and Road support, has continued to trend upward, endorsing the profit effect of the whole room.3, as a new energy industry, market value of the largest high open after go back, especially upstream lithium directly go high low, an exodus sparked dropped downward, li-ion battery plate round for sentiment hit a considerable, and ning wang downward, out of an anticlimactic, high open the more the greater the risk instead, remember before 9 oh said that under the weak fear most high.4 games ice mound mound, subject concept a coppi directly not to give the opportunity, the relevant industry is also surged, digital currency differentiation and huge outbreak concept also not line, the first story continued falling pattern, the subject of preganglionic breeze to open the door on the first day of, and this also directly start nuclear button in the announcement, early starts also into backing down SanJin 2 a pattern,Come to an end.Ps: yesterday forecast high open high go is difficult to unrealistic, high open concussion down or high open low probability is larger, but the closing can be closed in red, the index is mainly the king of king Of the four king kong and Moutai not to force, but financial + oil carried the pattern of the maintenance of the index, unless the financial afternoon also pull the gap, otherwise the green is not easy.The fear is mainly reflected in the continuous drop before the holiday and the holiday periphery of the first Yang suppression, coupled with the opening of the entire Asia-Pacific stock market green suppression, before the festival out of the funds see high open too large can only give up, the short term is not good morning chasing high and was set, worries and fears still need time to repair the mood.Strategy on high open rushed back or upward exhaustion can be reduced, such as proper back again after back, now hanging in the head of anxiety is not only the outside the instability of the situation, is more a week and nearly two weeks to the trillions of reverse repurchase amount due to concerns about the characters, so lead to higher open is polite, go low is reality, and watch is the best wait situation,Whenever there is a bit of bad weather or wind, it will trigger a new dive.That’s the way it is. It will take some time, or at least it won’t be as gloomy as it was before the holidays