Is Tiago Silva Chelsea’s best free visa

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Is Brazil’s Thiago Silva the best player to get a visa free?He came at the right time to win the title that he had been dreaming of and could not reach in greater Paris. Li made a fortune by packaging his sister-in-law and Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Milan.It’s time to thank Greater Paris again, the transfer fees when you went to Paris are now cheap, at least for a few years the best in the world, and still world class.Players like that are hard to come by.Worthy of being a top central defender.Thiago Silva: I’m not against ramos, I just want to say that I feel sad that Paris gave him the same deal as I did last year for two years, I was in Paris for eight years.Look at the transfer prices of Chelsea players.Kai Hafferts: £62m Timo Werner: £50m Benchilwell: £50m Hakeem Zieh: £35m Edouard Mendy: £23m Thiago Silva: free Romelu Lukaku:98 million pounds He’s a little late. I wish he could have come early he came to the car for retirement, but it ate him up.Unfortunately, I didn’t come during the period of 14-17, but it was still the best recruitment in recent years. It was a win-win situation and my sister-in-law realized her dream. The club’s career was perfect.Chelsea’s current reliable central defenders: christensen, luedig, Zouma, Thiago Silva, silva is still old and needs to rotate frequently.Chelsea should be at the premise of introducing comte will rent, if go out on loan, the premier league is definitely not the lack of buyers, because before thiago silva and cavani also enjoy greater Paris is my number one rival club now messi omar money within many ramos and leonardo, tomorrow to send nearly sold the PSG jersey final become a sinner,My car is the best visa-free, Milan fans said very gratified sister-in-law dream, sister-in-law is really strong.It’s not just strong. It’s good.Brazilian centre-back Thiago Silva, 37, was voted the premier League’s man of the match after Chelsea’s 3-0 win at Spurs last year.