Suzhou, Jiangsu Province: He was swindled out of nearly 40,000 yuan for helping his “sister” get a plane ticket back to China

2022-05-30 0 By

Experienced posing as public security law, network dating, part-time brush and other fraud eventually did not escape the cheater’s upgraded version posing as acquaintances fraud friends and relatives let you buy air tickets, this help?Help…Recently, The Huangqiao police Station of Xiangcheng Public Security Sub-bureau received an alarm from Ms. Zhang, a resident of the area, saying that she was swindled on the short video APP.It is understood that Ms. Zhang received a message from her “sister” when she was watching the video, who said that the epidemic abroad was serious and she was going to buy a plane ticket back to China, but her bank card was limited and she wanted to ask Ms. Zhang to grab a plane ticket.Because Ms. Zhang was also worried, and the other party said that the place she was staying was limited to international roaming calls, Ms. Zhang directly transferred the 39,800 yuan of air ticket money to the account provided by the other party without phone confirmation.But something magical happened. Shortly after, the “sister” returned the money to Zhang, along with a screenshot of the 40,000 yuan bank transfer.But Zhang found the money was not on the card and asked her “sister” out of curiosity, only to be explained that an international transfer would take 24 hours to arrive.Think of the bank card that the other party says is limited, Ms. Zhang feels a little strange again, hurriedly checked transfer screenshot, take a look carefully unexpectedly feel a little false.After the event, Ms. Zhang hurriedly contact far in the true sister abroad, learned that the family life is normal, just discovered is a cheater embezzle the head of its elder sister posing as an acquaintance fraud.Realizing she had been cheated, Zhang called the police.At present, the case is under further investigation.Family, see so many period of buying tickets to be cheated, must be a long dessert!Police prompt personal information and family information do not easily disclosed to outsiders, beware of leakage!Now more and more sophisticated fraud technology, must be vigilant, do not enter the fraud gang trap!When involving money transfer with family friend, must telephone or face to face verify, prevent to be cheated, cause irreparable loss!Source: Xiangcheng Public Security micro police