Take the “Winter Olympics” wind snow and ice economy “burning” up

2022-05-30 0 By

Source: xinhua winter light “hot” snow and ice ice north south show remarkable achievements in the big shopping mall in the centre of Shanghai not only have a lot of ice skating rink has emerged many ski one-stop space many white-collar workers use lunch time to the clock in their training not only skiing in the indoor simulation is here for dinner, shopping, and so did the offline new consumption boom along with the popularity of ice and snow sportsOutdoor sports brands from Northern Europe are popular and ski clothes are sold out foreign businessmen frankly, full of confidence in China’s ice and snow sports market. The upstream and downstream industry chain of ice and snow economy is long and involves a wide range of fields, which plays a positive role in stimulating consumptionLi Yan Xinhua News Agency to the external Xinhua News Agency Shanghai branch jointly produced xinhua International communication integration platform