Vegetarianism is not a low-fat diet

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Vegetarianism is not called low fat diet (universal health) universal health education: some people say that low fat diet is not meat, do not eat oil, in fact, it is not called low fat diet, called vegetarian, this is not a healthy diet.If you could eat only one food, which one would you need to satisfy your body’s burning needs?This leads to the concept of essential nutrients, those that our bodies cannot make themselves and must eat to satisfy their needs.What’s there?There are four main, the first is the essential amino acids, protein, is primarily we eat meat, eggs, milk, and the second is the main source of essential fatty acids, is our cooking oil, there are some nuts, another is vitamins and minerals, this are familiar, more vegetables and fruits, don’t know if you have to listen to the inside of the mystery,There are at least two important dietary ideas. First, meat, eggs and milk are necessary, as well as cows. Vegetarianism is definitely not a healthy diet, otherwise you will lack protein and fatty acids, and you will suffer from various diseases throughout your life, which will more easily lead to hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipids.Therefore, not overeating does not mean that they do not eat, even if they are concerned about patients, they need to ensure adequate protein and essential oil every day.So meat can eat, oil can also eat, grasp the amount can be.Second, you just heard about the four essential nutrients, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, essential nutrients, but did you hear about essential water, essential sugar?No, right?So yes, sugar is something that your body can make naturally, proteins, fats, they can make sugars.So there are a lot of people must eat staple food, especially white rice, fine flour, this is a big diet mistake, this is the reason why we encourage to replace the regular staple food with coarse grain, because there are dietary fiber, and white rice flour can only provide our body can be synthesized sugar.