“Old Girlfriends” : Five old actors gather to perform the love of old girlfriends

2022-05-31 0 By

Every man has his old age.The older you get, the lonelier you feel.Women, in particular, are more emotional than men.Xiaobian today with you to introduce such a TV series about elderly women – “old bestie”!Five old ladies with different personalities and occupations.They all have one thing in common: loneliness.A child is a mother’s hope.Many mothers who have lost their only child cannot share their pain with others.Therefore, only in their own way, to express the thoughts of the children.Aunt May is the owner of a cafe.When she saw a girl cheating a boy out of money, she immediately went to expose the girl’s scam.When I see young male salesmen trying to sell their products.Her eyes were full of love.Mr Song is a dance teacher.As a dance teacher, she was always in pursuit of physical and gentle beauty when shopping for clothes, when the salesgirl said that she was younger than her.This caused teacher Song’s deep dislike.Although Mr. Song is old.However, she has been showing her elegant temperament!And there are older women who cope with loneliness by taking control of their children’s lives.Dr Liu, a retired doctor, laid down a series of rules and principles in front of her son — no lateness, no wasting of time, a strong obsession with cleanliness.The same goes for Hongjie.When you see your son lying in bed.She pulled the covers off her son.He scolded his son for staying up late and not getting up early in the morning.In fact, she doesn’t want him to stay up late!This is, in fact, a prelude to the plot — they’re invited to attend a health seminar.Five older women from different backgrounds got to know each other through this health talk.The TV series has only aired one episode so far.However, xiaobian was attracted.Because, this teleplay by Wang Fuli, Pan Hong, Song Xiaoying, Xu Di, Wu Mian five old actors together.Deduce the boudoir affection between old woman, with old woman heart loneliness!