The score of the written exam will be announced one after another, and the party will not be out of order, remember to prepare for 3 points

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It’s been a while since the written exam for the 22nd national postgraduate entrance examination will be held at the end of 2021, and students have enjoyed the Spring Festival holiday.And now as the time came to the second half of February, the results of the postgraduate entrance examination and written test will be announced in succession, candidates are also nervous.After all, in the postgraduate examination, the written test is only the first test, and only those who have passed the national and college scores can enter the second round of interview, and finally, they are likely to land successfully.Generally speaking, the scores of the postgraduate entrance examination will be announced between February and March.According to the website, scores of the written exam will be released from late February, and most provinces and cities will open their channels for checking scores on Feb 21.And before most regions and institutions open inquiry began, in fact, some schools have already published their school scores.Be like Sichuan normal university, Lanzhou university to wait, can undertake inquiry before this.However, as a result of the national line has not been released, so the examinees are still quite confused, know the results do not know how to do after all.But take an examination of grind actually is to have small skill, examinee people do not too nervous, must clear oneself this stem what.Take an examination of one’s deceased father grind result announce, take an examination of one’s deceased father grind party people don’t be in a muddle, remember to do a good job at 3 points prepare to calculate to cross the line possibly although national line is not announced temporarily, but in fact examinee people according to the data of past, want to know oneself result basic can calculate to come out roughly situation, can probably know oneself want to take an examination of one’s deceased father grind retest.First of all, you can go to the university for the admission of this major last year, if their single subject and total score are more than the last last year, the possibility of admission is relatively large, you can prepare for the second test in advance.Next, also can undertake conjecture from the national line of last year, be had not crossed the mark line of school.However, if it reaches or exceeds last year’s national line of 10+, it is possible to get a transfer and a second interview.Candidates who are either in A parallel school or from A to B can try to prepare for the second test at the same time.Do a good job of preparation for the second test of one’s deceased father grind second test is an interview exam, will have a structural exchange and investigation, so candidates should be prepared in advance for targeted.Teachers will certainly ask questions related to their major, so in addition to reviewing the knowledge, you should also study the works of the interview tutors, which will help impress the tutors in your answers.Besides self-introduction such as academic achievements and other certificates, examinees should also pay attention to the state of their speech, from appearance to eloquence.Don’t dress fancy or rigid, just keep it simple.If you really can’t wear it, plain black and white shirt pants are also a good choice.Speak freely and try not to appear nervous.You can simulate the scene and practice your expression skills.Prepare for adjustment after the postgraduate entrance examination results come down, if the college score line directly did not pass, or indeed is more dangerous results, you can also prepare for adjustment.Before waiting for the official announcement of the national line, we should investigate which colleges we are in line with and pay close attention to the adjustment of colleges and universities.Decide whether to drop out outright or transfer to another school.It can be said that if the party of postgraduate entrance examination prepares well in advance above 3 points will have more advantages for development, can deal with the different results brought by the examination.Nevertheless to take an examination of grind party people, take an examination of grind also is to have failure possibility, after all annual shore rate also is 30% fluctuation actually.Therefore, if you don’t want to fail, you must think clearly about whether you are suitable for taking the postgraduate entrance exam.Take an examination of grind an exam is not simple, examinee people should learn to examine the circumstance to decide to take an examination of grind examinee, no matter what major, want to have the process of review.But the postgraduate entrance examination study is a minority of the examination, so the review process is difficult, but the effect is to affect the success rate of shore.Generally speaking, if self-learning ability and self-awareness is not very good and not very high, then either choose to find a study partner to study together, or find a tutoring institution, with the teacher’s pressure to promote their own learning.Secondly, questions on the psychological level are also very important for examinees.The pressure of postgraduate entrance examination is very big, if the mentality of the written test is not good, it is easy to play abnormal, the result is that we do not want to see.So usually also want to prepare more simulation test, so as to exercise their mentality.In addition, luck is also a part of one’s strength.In order to prevent yourself from encountering unexpected problems such as bad food or lack of identification, you’d better make preparations by going to the examination room in advance and not eating too cold or wearing too little clothes before the test.Conclusion: the passage of time is unable to change, now to check the results of the time, the party can only accept the final result.Here I hope you candidates can get a good result.: Do you think the postgraduate entrance exam will be more difficult this year?