Jiangyin, Jiangsu: “Science and innovation Jiangyin” action plan, focusing on the implementation of “six projects”

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Science and technology journal reporter the loyal correspondents AnXueSong how to seize the Yangtze river delta integration of national strategic development opportunity, solve the problems of science and technology innovation board behind the economic aggregate, optimizing and innovating with high space, high concentration level innovation platform, lead high level international talent team, build high quality innovation ecology, grab the future industry competitive new track?Jiangyin city technology bureau for figure reporters February 16 from jiangsu province jiangyin city technology bureau learned that a few days ago, the city’s formal introduction “kechuang jiangyin” three-year plan (2022-2024), and will focus on the implementation of the implementation of “six big projects”, aims to promote the scientific research strategy source force to realistic productivity, lighting a new engine for industrial technology innovation and inject new momentum,To build Jiangyin into a national influential center of advanced manufacturing science and innovation.Jiangyin jiangyin municipal party committee secretary of felix is introduced, in recent years, adhere to the industrial city and innovation-driven strategy of “two” and modern industry and science and technology innovation to build “two system”, the industrial development and scientific and technological personnel policy of “two classes”, has launched the “science and technology innovation of article 20” 16 “innovation development” “scientific and technological personnel article 25” policy,Also fully launched the “Xiake Light” innovation project, Jiangyin successfully entered the first batch of national, Wuxi first “innovative county (city)” construction list, selected “science and technology innovation Jiangsu” first pilot city (county).However, compared with the internal requirements of high-quality development and the level of scientific and technological innovation in advanced areas, jiangyin still has some outstanding problems to be solved urgently.In Xu Feng’s opinion, jiangyin in the past, relying on large-scale input of resources and high-intensity development of land, walked out of the road driven by traditional industrial economy and manufacturing.Nowadays, jiangyin is approaching the upper limit of land resources, the red line of environmental capacity and the rising cost of factors. The old road has come to an end.The reporter understands, as the regional integration of the overall acceleration, accompanied by the roar of the rail transit time, zhuhai and Shanghai, nanjing, hangzhou and other regions of space and time distance shortened, further innovation elements flow more smoothly and for body department chief river delta urban agglomeration geometry center of jiangyin, both to enjoy the collaborative innovation spillover dividends,But it is facing a huge “siphon crisis”.In xu Feng’s words, “In the face of realistic problems, scientific and technological innovation is related to the status of Jiangyin county and determines the survival of Jiangyin.Therefore, jiangyin to break from the increasing competition in the area, we must accurately grasp the overflow and siphon double-edged relationship, more firm seek development by innovation, vigorously strengthen the construction of major scientific and technological innovation platform, to improve industry core competitiveness, out of a quality simultaneously, line stability of high quality development.”The three-year action plan for the construction of “science and innovation jiangyin” and the key implementation of “six major projects” are the major strategic choices and new measures made by Jiangyin with the main line of science and technology self-reliance and self-improvement and the reform of science and technology system and mechanism, the main direction of industrial technology independent control and innovation cluster energy level improvement, combined with the future development needs.Jiangyin city technology bureau chief Xu Fei introduction, “kechuang jiangyin action plan” and “six big projects”, mainly including innovative cultivating industrial cluster, kechuang source domain space construction, innovative companies rainforest in creating, high level kechuang carrier climbing, high-level talents education, all-round innovation of ecological construction in six aspects, such as a total of 24 priority.By 2024, jiangyin’s social R&D investment will account for more than 3.3% of GDP, and enterprise R&D expenditure will account for 2% of main business income.The output value of strategic emerging industries accounted for 40 percent of the total output value of designated industries, and the output value of high-tech industries accounted for 42 percent of the total output value of designated industries.The number of high-tech enterprises in the city has reached 2000;The total number of talents in the city reached 560,000, including 16,000 high-level talents.In the past three years, 600 new projects for innovative and entrepreneurial talents were launched, and 25 new technology business incubators, accelerators and industrial parks were set up.The annual turnover of technology contracts exceeds 9 billion yuan.”We will through three years of efforts, innovation-driven development strategy implement substantive results, forming perfect technical innovation synergy innovation mechanism, market-oriented mechanism and production, cultivating a batch of internationally competitive innovative enterprises and industry cluster, the open regional innovation system to be more perfect, independent innovation ability,To build an advanced manufacturing science and innovation center with national influence and build an international brand of ‘Science and innovation Jiangyin’.”Xu feng said.Editor: Zhang Qiqi review: Yue Liang