2022 Spring Festival holiday: Will local tourism still flourish?

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Photo @ vision China | smell brigade, the author | Guo Hongyun is a year Spring Festival, near choose whether to go home for the holiday vacation once again become a problem in “working people”, growing epidemic could rebound phenomenon, also let the prevention and control efforts around the upgrade again.In Beijing, statistics show that from January 15 to 16:00 on January 25, a total of 67 local COVID-19 cases have been reported in Beijing, with one high-risk area and six medium-risk areas.In addition, this round of epidemic involved two transmission chains of omicron and Delta variants, increasing the pressure of epidemic prevention and control.Although the implementation of the national epidemic prevention and control strategy requires that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, due to such changes in the epidemic situation and considering the safety of their own mobility, many people still choose to give up and go home for the Spring Festival.Preparing entertainment plans in advance and looking for new places to travel around have become the new trend of stocking up on goods for the New Year.From the booking data of various platforms, watching movies, talk shows, soaking in hot springs and skiing have become the mainstream activities of this Spring Festival. Booking a home stay in a small courtyard to enjoy family time and taking family and friends to the local surrounding in-depth tour has also become a new choice.Since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019, three Chinese New Year holidays have been affected, and it seems that people are being forced to adjust to not being able to go home to reunite with their families.In the case of long-distance flow, how to meet the demand of consumers for peripheral travel and short tour has become a new task facing the tourism industry and enterprises.”As early as 10 days before the Spring Festival holiday, the search volume of provincial tourism products on ctrip platform is increasing rapidly, and the order volume is 65% higher than usual. It can be seen that more and more users like to stock up on Spring Festival travel products in advance.”Ctrip platform related person in charge of wenlv said.In the “Super Surrounding tour” launched by Ctrip in the year of the Tiger, reservations for local surrounding holiday products in 14 first-tier and new first-tier cities in China, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and Shenzhen, have increased significantly.This also proves that more and more consumers are staying in their own cities to celebrate the Spring Festival in 2022. According to the preliminary survey by the Ministry of Commerce, the number of people in 36 large and medium-sized cities will increase by more than 48 million.The Spring Festival in the first and second tier cities, which used to be “empty”, will become more lively this year.As a “Beijing model” and gold medal guide, Fang Bo, one of the local guides on Ctrip platform, has a clear feeling about this. He is a native Beijinger, and how to celebrate Chinese New Year is a real experience that happens around him outside of his career.”The obvious trend in the past two years is that people are not traveling far, especially at the end of the year, because of the epidemic, they are booking entertainment and leisure activities in their neighborhood.From the perspective of tourism, before the epidemic, tourists from other places were mainly received. In the past two years, we can feel that the proportion of local tourists has increased significantly, and the demand is mainly for families and small packages. Although the overall market is not lively enough under the influence of the epidemic, the trend of refinement is significant.””He said.According to his introduction, the Spring Festival 2, grade already have a reservation for tourists in the Palace Museum interpretation services, in order to let oneself become more lively and interesting, the interpretation of the role of good local visitors guide, he bought a large number of professional books, and keep reading for an hour every day, during the Ming and qing dynasties of the original historical materials, the Chinese history of Ming and qing dynasty scholar’s works, even foreign Sinologist’s work,It’s all within his reach.As a tour guide, he also runs his own video account to explain some of the culture and cold knowledge of the Forbidden City.And in Ctrip local guide platform, and the same quality guide is not a few.Under the background of local Chinese New Year, the demand for booking local guides, surrounding exquisite camping, rental car local travel, exquisite travel photography and other services is growing significantly, and the trend is getting younger.According to introduce ctrip, consultation of consumers, the local guide platform is mostly for local niche play, guide the possession of the Chinese New Year food, the depth of the city cultural experience interested, just choose the Spring Festival for the local guide users, there are three become after 90, under the age of 25 ratio rose to 70% of users.According to tuniu, an online travel platform, those with 1-3 days accounted for 28% of the total, those with 4-6 days accounted for 33%, and those with more than 6 days accounted for 40%.Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hainan, Zhejiang, Beijing, Anhui, Yunnan, Sichuan and Hubei are the most popular destinations for tourists during the Spring Festival.In addition to traditional trips to ancient towns, villages and islands, ice and snow Tours, theme parks and night Tours are among the top choices of surrounding tourism for the 2022 Spring Festival.Under the influence of the Winter Olympics, the public’s enthusiasm for ice and snow has changed. Besides the way of leisure and entertainment, going out to celebrate The New Year’s Eve has also become a new trend.The hotel New Year’s Eve dinner, the whole rental home stay courtyard holiday consumers are increasing.According to tujia data, orders for whole courtyard rental during the Spring Festival increased by more than 50% compared with 2021, with the average stay duration extended to 2-3 days and the unit price exceeding RMB 10,000 yuan. Nearly 40% of the courtyards sold out cost more than RMB 8,000 yuan per night.And in the booking time, is also early planning, this year most of the whole rental yard was booked a month in advance.According to way home relevant person in charge of introduction, the homestay room source that has been reserved, a lot of it is used at the family to spend New Year’s Eve, because this is outside the demand that lives, still outspread gives a lot of relevant service.”New Year’s Eve dinner is the highlight of the Spring Festival.Now, in addition to providing farmhouse meals, b&BS also cooperate with well-known restaurants to invite chefs to help cook New Year’s Eve dinner.”And consumers who choose to spend the Spring Festival in hotels value stars and service more.Taking the booking data of Feizu platform as an example, the “second night half price” activity launched by feizu enables hotels to enjoy the second night half price discount as long as they bear relevant signs.Participating hotels include Waldorf Astoria Beijing, Shangri-La Hotel Guangzhou, Crowne Plaza Sanya Central, Grand Garden Grand Hotel Shanghai, Holiday Inn Xuanwu Lake Nanjing, Crowne Plaza Longgang Shenzhen and many other high star brands, which are very popular.Not only that, “+” hotel offer much-loved, many hotels, such as “hotel + family reunion dinner”, “hotel + attractions play tickets”, “hotel + SPA” combination package products, using the basic function of accommodation outside of the hotel service for more local and surrounding customers, also meet the consumption quality, personalized requirements of Spring Festival travel to play.In addition, it is worth paying attention to that the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is approaching. Among the holiday products this year, the popularity of ice-snow tourism products is also high.According to Ctrip’s Spring Festival data, as of Jan 26, the most popular provincial skiing destinations for the Year of the Tiger are Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Huanggang, Anji, Liupanshui, Shennongjia and Wuxi.Among them, Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort, Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain, Guangzhou Sunac Snow World, Hangzhou Daming Mountain Wansongling ski resort and other scenic spots are popular for pre-holiday registration.As one of the most important festivals in China, the Significance of Spring Festival to Chinese people is self-evident.The epidemic, which has lasted for three years, has not only changed People’s Daily life, but also changed their holiday habits that have lasted for thousands of years.In order to encourage the public to celebrate the Spring Festival locally, in addition to market efforts, the government has also actively launched various policies to invigorate the local market and promote the festive atmosphere.According to the regular press conference of the Ministry of Civil Affairs in the first quarter of 2022 on January 25, in order to ensure the basic living conditions of the people affected by the epidemic during the Spring Festival, the Ministry of Civil Affairs will step up temporary assistance. For those people who cannot go back to their hometown due to the epidemic, they will be provided with temporary assistance directly.We will encourage areas where conditions permit to grant temporary living allowances or physical goods to people in difficulty who wish to celebrate the Spring Festival in their own place, so as to ensure that the public can enjoy the Spring Festival in peace.We have learned, at present, guangdong, anhui, zhejiang, fujian, jiangsu and other places have a subsidy on New Year’s day security policies, “leave a post red envelope”, and foshan, hangzhou, shaoxing and other cities outside the “leave a post red envelope”, also with issuing coupons, scenic spot admission is free, free parking convenient for staff in the local Chinese New Year.Not long ago, the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism released statistics on domestic tourism in 2021.According to the statistical results of the sample survey on domestic tourism, the total number of domestic tourists in 2021 was 3.246 billion, an increase of 367 million or 12.8 percent over the same period of the previous year, and recovered to 54.0 percent in 2019 compared to the pre-epidemic period.In terms of the recovery of consumption power, domestic tourism revenue in 2021 was 2.92 trillion yuan, an increase of 0.69 trillion yuan and 31.0% over the same period last year, and recovered to 51.0% in 2019 compared with pre-EPIDEMIC period.On the whole, the market is developing well, but the impact of the epidemic is still uncertain and there is still a long way to go to recover to the pre-epidemic level.However, it is worth noting that The State Council recently issued a circular on the 14th Five-Year Plan for tourism development, which provides general guidance on how the tourism industry can recover more quickly.According to the plan, by 2025, the level of tourism development should be constantly improved, the modern tourism system should be more sound, the effective supply, quality supply and flexible supply of tourism should be more abundant, and the demand of mass tourism consumption should be better met.While developing domestic tourism, entry-exit tourism should also be promoted in an orderly manner, and the international influence and competitiveness of the tourism industry should be significantly enhanced, so as to make significant progress in building China into a tourism powerhouse.Tongcheng Research Institute analysis pointed out that the “Plan” in the overall development goals of some of the proposals to respond to the industry’s current problems.For example, for a long time, China’s tourism industry has been “supply-driven”, and structural problems on the supply side have always been the key factor to restrain the growth of tourism consumption. In the early stage, it was restricted by scale, but now it is restricted by quality, lacking of high-quality products. The term “flexible supply” refers to the long-term problem of insufficient flexibility on the supply side.Another agency official said the policy under the help, travel, travel is expected to continue to rebound, tourism and related industries such as tax, hotel, restaurant, outbound tourism, such as overall recovery is expected to accelerate the trend, tourism “fix” investment main line is expected to last throughout 2022, under the leading of the planning, is expected to travel frequency and cost per capita has room to grow.In terms of international markets, the WORLD Health Organization has also shifted its stance on when it can reopen its doors to travel, recently advising countries to lift or ease existing COVID-19-related travel restrictions, saying this could exacerbate economic and social pressures related to the pandemic.As for when China will reopen its doors, Zhang Xu, vice Minister of Culture and Tourism, said at a video conference of BRICS tourism ministers in 2021 that China would study plans to open inbound and outbound tourism at an appropriate time in light of the global epidemic situation.China’s domestic vaccination has been fully rolled out, the construction of an immune barrier has accelerated, and residents’ willingness to travel and consumer confidence have gradually improved, he said.In light of the global situation of the epidemic, China will discuss with other parties the establishment of a mechanism for mutual recognition of health codes based on nucleic acid test results and in the form of internationally accepted QR codes, so as to explore a feasible way to resume tourism in the face of the epidemic.As for 2022, it is predicted that the epidemic in China will be more effectively controlled. Even if there are still small cases of recurrence, more precise management can be achieved based on the accumulated prevention and control experience in 2021, so as to minimize the adverse impact of the epidemic on the market.The Spring Festival tourism market under the rebound of the epidemic in many places in 2022 is another experiment of precise prevention and control. Although liquidity is affected and travel distances shrink, more high-quality and high-end services, as well as management measures that do not apply to one size fits all, will bring new hope for the recovery of the tourism market in 2022.