In the world: Zhou Zhigang kick Zhou Bingkun that foot tears collapse, parents double standard is the child’s deepest pain

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If a child’s whole life, all efforts, just to get parental recognition.Is the child incompetent or is there something wrong with the way parents show love and teach?Mom, how’s your old son?When his mother answered in the affirmative, the questioner chow bingkun’s face lit up.Immediately begged mother: when my father and my elder brother my elder sister come back, you tell them the same.This is a clip from the TV show The World.Zhou bingkun, the son of the zhou family, waited in line for a whole day. After buying half a fan of pork, he played pettish with his mother and begged for praise.Lao Pimple, a nickname for the youngest child in the family in Northeast China.The term implies more indulgence, more tolerance, more affection.But this name is not obvious in the World.At least in zhou Bingkun father Zhou Zhigang there, there is no embodiment of this respect.Zhou Zhigang, who works outside the city, and his eldest son Zhou Bingyi and daughter Zhou Rong, both university students in Beijing, are back for Spring Festival, a reunion the Zhou family hasn’t had in years.Festive reunion of the moment, but also the time of the outbreak of family problems.It is difficult to adjust to all tastes. Many people make many things happen, and it is easy to intensify contradictions.Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Bingkun brother fight, Zhou Bingkun kicked Zhou Bingyi.Father Zhou Zhigang came out of the house to see, did not think, went up and kicked Zhou Bingkun.Chow looked at his father in disbelief, rubbed his leg and said, “He hit me first!””That’s what you said to your brother first!”Zhou Zhigang blurted out, the momentum is tough no doubt.Looking at his father, Chow bingkun choked up with tears and could not say a word.At that moment Zhou Bingkun’s grievance, helplessness, disappointment, pain, set off the tears of the audience?A parent’s double label can indeed cause permanent and deep damage to a child.In zhou home three children, an old pimple Zhou Bingkun most “no promise”.Because his two older brothers and sisters, Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong, are so excellent.Brother Zhou Bingyi is not only excellent in character and learning, but also very sensible and young.Sister Zhou Rong has more advantages: study well, eloquence is good, grow also particularly beautiful.With such brother and sister zhuyu current, the mediocre zhou Bingkun natural no light.For a long time in his life, Chow bingkun struggled for attention and recognition.When his father was coming back for the Spring Festival, Zhou bingkun waited in line for a whole day and had a fight with others before he finally bought the meat.He did not complain about his hard work, but hoped that his mother would speak well of him in front of his father and brothers and sisters.In the TV series “The World”, Zhou Bingkun has always been in this state at home: hard-working, hoping to get the affirmation of his family, especially his father.Chow worked hard and was humble, but he couldn’t get his father’s approval.It is not that Chow bingkun is doing badly, but that the father Zhou Zhigang has a double standard for Chow and his other children.Zhou Zhigang from the old three line back for the first time, Zhou Bingkun busy preparation for a number of days.As soon as his father got home, Zhou Bingkun immediately gave his father hot water feet, attentive.But because Zhou Bingkun said someone introduced him to a widow with children, Zhou Zhigang was furious, kicked Zhou Bingkun.If Zhou Zhigang is a bad-tempered, but the brain of the work of the rough inverted worth mentioning.But Zhou Zhigang is clearly a culture, skilled veteran workers.It is a stretch to say that Zhou zhigang cannot control his temper;Say Zhou Zhigang inside and outside different, also not completely.Zhou Rong and don’t go to Guizhou to find Feng Huacheng.Zhou Zhigang is very angry, and his daughter to break off relations.Zhou rong also hasn’t had any contact with her father for three years.But when Zhou Zhigang took his annual leave, the first thing he did was to go to Guizhou to see his daughter, carrying flour to nourish his stomach and bacon bought on the black market.After seeing his daughter, Zhou Zhi just wanted to say that his daughter ran away from home.Zhou Rong on a bombshell – when I was no father no mother no elder brother no younger brother, stone crack jumped out of the good.Facing his daughter’s grumpy attitude, Zhou Zhigang didn’t even have the consciousness to get angry. “You don’t want your parents, I still want my daughter.”An earth-moving fatherly heart almost leaps out of the screen.Zhou Bingkun to parents caused trouble, to parents hurt, put together, not zhou Rong half of the more.But Zhou Zhigang in the face of Zhou Rong, but don’t even have the heart to blame.Of course, for girls, be gentle.However, Zhou Zhigang’s attitude towards his eldest son, Zhou Bingyi, and his youngest son, Zhou Bingkun, is also completely two standards.Zhou’s parents-in-law were provincial officials who did not want to associate with the Zhou family of ordinary workers.Zhou bingyi and Hao Dongmei had been married for many years and neither of their in-laws had ever met.Feeling guilty, Hao Dongmei cried bitterly to her mother, before hao Dongmei’s parents decided to go to see her in-laws.Zhou Zhigang heard this news, very seriously.The original set of family photos were not taken, immediately the whole family mobilized to clean up, to meet the governor.The Zhou family has been busy all day, even cleaning the public toilet.But Hao Dongmei’s father was unable to attend the appointment because of sudden asthma.Secretary Huang came to send gifts to zhou Bingyi to his parents-in-law, Zhou Zhigang gave the gift to the in-laws and sent back.Although Hao Dongmei’s parents miss an appointment is an accident, Huang secretary take the wrong gift is a misunderstanding, but Hao Dongmei’s parents things change, the official rise temper is also a fact.Hot face with cold butt, Zhou Zhigang was very angry.But he was not angry with Hao Dongmei’s parents, but reflected on himself and thought that he should not send tea to Hao Dongmei’s parents, making people embarrassed.Is this the generosity of Zhou Zhigang?No, it’s because of the status of Hao Dongmei’s parents.Zhou Zhigang is willing to condescend to introspection and take the initiative to put himself in the position of governor Hao.But Zhou Zhigang heart pimple did not untie.When the whole family made dumplings together, Zhou Zhigang couldn’t help nagging a few words.And his wife Hao Dongmei agreed to deal with their own family zhou Bingyi, heard his father mention this, immediately look severely stared back.Violent temper of Zhou Zhigang, see the son fierce eyes, eyes dodge for a while, dumb fire, sighed: Wolf whelp grew up, to kick nest.Zhou zhigang has a strong temper, but only for his youngest son, Zhou Bingkun.To the eldest son Zhou Bingyi, Zhou Zhigang is very polite.Even when his son challenged him, he chose to retreat;To daughter Zhou Rong, Zhou Zhigang is more inclusive dote on drowning.Even a big thing like running away, it’s just a big thing.But in the face of his youngest son Zhou Bingkun, Zhou Zhigang has never hesitated.Say dozen dozen, say kick kick, say scold scold.Zhou may not even be aware of the differences.And this kind of subliminal difference, it is exactly zhou Zhigang’s most real psychology – double standard.Mr. Chow’s situation in the Zhou family is a question that often arises in many families with many children, even those with only children: how should parents treat a kind-hearted, hardworking child who is not particularly talented?Are the standards of success and excellence only reserved for the great and mighty?Are parents aware of the dangers of dual labeling?In all fairness, of the three zhou children, Zhou Bingkun is not the best.But it is the warmest and most trustworthy.Zhou family of five people, Zhou Zhigang support big three, Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong is not at home.Only Zhou Bingkun accompanied his mother Li Suhua, stick to the rear of the zhou family.Indeed, Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong are very promising and have been admitted to Peking University. They are the only two college students in the guangzi film.It’s the face of the Chow family.But if there is no Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan, for the whole family to maintain a stable rear, Zhou Zhigang can work at ease?Can Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong walk around the university campus in style?The answer is an obvious no.Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan like a big basket, fate to give what, other family throw what, they pick up what, guard what: mother unconscious paralysis for more than two years, Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan care;Zhou Rong in order to accompany Feng Huarong, college, the trustee sent her daughter back, Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan a care is more than ten years.Zhou Bingkun for mother to wash and sun a yard of diapers, Zheng Juan for weeks mother massage deformation of hands, in order to take care of Feng Yue can not want to sacrifice their children.All these, in the eyes of Zhou Fu, are no match for the glory brought by two college students.It’s favouritism, it’s apathy, it’s unfairness, it’s looking down on the plate.The world is not fair, this is a fact, but also everyone must bear the helpless.But the family should not be a breeding ground for unfairness.If the parents can not calm down, the damage to the child is undoubtedly great, even lifelong can not be healed.As a parent, to accept, acknowledge and affirm a child is the highest form of love for a child.In a family with many children, parents do not adopt double standards and their children will not be harmed.This, Zhou Zhigang did very badly.And his take for granted, unconscious is to aggravate this double standard to zhou Bingkun bring harm.The family were reunited after years of separation.Zhou Zhigang took all his children to pay New Year’s greetings to his neighbors.All the topics are two promising college students, Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong.To take care of the vegetative mother for more than two years, zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan created a miracle on earth, Zhou Zhigang did not even mention.Watching Zhou bingkun go out from the beginning of the jubilant, to the face gradually dignified, lost, the author felt a biting cold, uncontrollable anger and deep love.Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong long ago did not belong to the light film.They are just passing by in the light of the word film, the light of the old neighbor praise admiration or not.To them, it doesn’t matter.And Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan, is the light character piece resident.They need to be recognized and praised by their father in their neighborhood.New Year a big play, let Zhou Bingkun realized that he and Zheng Juan years of hard dedication, there is no value in his father.This made Chow very sad and disappointed.But even so, Chow bingkun still everything for his father.Zhou Bingkun carefully captured his father was hurt by brother Zhou Bingyi.Zhou Bingkun loves his father dearly, he stands clearly on the side of his father, to brother Zhou Bingyi pretend to be.When his brother offered him an olive branch, he immediately advised his brother to have a talk with their father.After listening to Chow’s advice, Chow bingyi went home and had a heart-to-heart talk with his father.Father and son cleared up their differences without any suspense.When Zhou Bingkun came home in the evening, his father Zhou Zhigang and his brother Zhou Bingyi were pushing cups for cups and drinking.See Zhou Bingkun came in, Zhou Zhigang regardless of the cold outside, let Zhou Bingkun go out for a while, he has words and Zhou Bingyi said.Can endure what can not endure, even if honest and honest as Chow Bingkun, such a cold shoulder can not bear.But out of habit, he still obediently went out and froze in the cold northeast night.Zhou Bingkun heart for the sake of his father, but again and again by his father’s indifference and suppression.As a father, Zhou zhigang’s way of treating his children differently is unsatisfactory.Zhou Zhigang is not unaware that Zhou Bingkun has given a lot to his family.But the recognition and recognition of these efforts is limited to the time when chow is alone at home.As soon as the other two more excellent children, Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong returned, Zhou Bingkun’s hard work became transparent in his father’s heart.Zhou Zhigang’s behavior, in accordance with a dream of red Mansions Lin Daiyu’s words very appropriate: brother’s heart is not no sister, just saw the sister, forget sister.Zhou Zhigang is like this, when other children are not in front of him, he recognizes the good of his youngest son Zhou Bingkun.But as soon as the other two girls showed up, he would forget about Chow.Zhou Zhigang is like this, because in his heart, the ingrained belief that the younger son Zhou Bingkun is not promising.Compared with chow Bingyi and Chow Rong, chow Bingkun, who was just ordinary, was of low value in his father’s eyes no matter how hard he worked.Because do not pay attention to, so Zhou Zhigang zhou Bingkun’s attitude, very casual.Even if the son is more than 30 years old, but also opened his mouth to scold and raise his hand to hit.A sharp look from Zhou bingyi can make his father shrink.But Zhou Zhigang did not shoot Zhou Bingyi kick nest.Why?For in his heart he despised the youngest son.When Zhou Bingkun sent his father to the station, Zhou Zhigang said to Zhou Bingyi hidden in the heart – even if you do not take care of the mother, do not take care of the child, can you be admitted to college?A dragon gives birth to nine sons, each in his own way.There are superior geniuses, there are ordinary people.This is the injustice of the world, but also the fate of individuals do not choose.The gap between IQ and ability is not a child’s choice, nor is it the child’s fault.Parents should not use this as a benchmark to grade their children and apply double standards.The origin of many family divisions is the intentional or unintentional partiality of parents.So it is with the Zhou family in the “earthly” world.If it were not for Zhou’s mother, Li Suhua, she always felt pity for all her children.Have a motherly heart, always comfort, affirm Zhou Bingkun.Chow’s psychological shadow will certainly be greater.