New World has started construction of a makeshift hospital in fanling on September 23

2022-06-02 0 By

New World Development has started construction of a makeshift hospital in Fanling on February 23 on the land it lent free of charge to the government. The hospital is expected to relieve the enormous pressure on the public healthcare system and join hands with the community to fight the epidemic.Mr Joseph Cheng, chief executive officer of New World Development, said that the fifth wave of COVID-19 is extremely severe. The group will continue to closely monitor the needs of the community, provide the most appropriate support and care to those in need, and strive to overcome the epidemic with the spirit of Creating Shared Value.The unpaid loan of land located at fanling Ma Shi road, located at fanling beixin development area of about 3.5 hectares, leveling project has been completed, and a road connections and water and electricity coal supply, supporting infrastructure complete, the government has built square hospital, for people in need to provide the most appropriate medical services, to relieve the public health system huge pressure as soon as possible.