Pity!The last 0.8 seconds, Wu first 3 penalties 2 failed to absolutely flat, Zhejiang 0-1 Guangdong and no play?

2022-06-02 0 By

On April 7, the Zhejiang men’s basketball team lost to the Guangdong men’s basketball team 98-99, trailing 1-0, in the first game of the four-of-eight CBA playoffs.Wu got three free throws with 0.8 seconds left, but he made only two.First lost a game, for 2 wins of 3 games, has been very severe, zhejiang men’s basketball no play again?The game played extremely intense, I believe that most people before the game are also expected, the two sides must be on the tip of the needle, desperately fighting.In the first three quarters, although Guangdong men’s basketball team has not been able to open much difference, but most of the time they control the initiative on the court, until the fourth quarter, a little taste of collapse, let Zhejiang men’s basketball team after a fierce comeback back to the same starting line, unfortunately, finally lost in the details.On wu’s final attempt, yi jianlian was fouled by Wu for a 3-pointer, which was confirmed by video review and awarded three free throws.This is the last hope of Zhejiang men’s basketball, because time only 0.8 seconds, once the three penalty, the basic explanation of the field.Under this kind of pressure, even if Wu Qian is the core star of Zhejiang men’s basketball and the national player of China’s men’s basketball, it is impossible to cope with it easily.The suspense in the first penalty on the open, missed, then the next two penalty meaningless.Or the third free throw can be intentionally missed, through the rebound point, there may be some hope, but also a slim.In the end, Wu made both free throws, and all Guangdong had to do was serve the ball and the game was over.For Zhejiang men’s basketball team, it is really a pity, if it can drag into overtime, with their momentum, not necessarily no chance.Despite missing one of the last three free throws, wu was the best player on the team with 25 points, six rebounds and seven assists on 8-for-14 shooting, 5-for-8 3-point shooting.