South-central University for Nationalities limited dumpling blind box waiting for you to open!

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It’s a full moon night, once again year Lantern Festival people, Columbia and south sister brought you the people qualified tangyuan blind box come apart to see receive your exclusive New Year blessing bean paste dumplings flames Enthusiastic dancing like a warm, make public youth no matter spring, summer, autumn and winter always bright full of good luck you always indignation brave harvesting peanuts tangyuan solemn optical valley notes to beat in the music hallMusical Instruments and singing is the increase of audio-visual feast I wish you a wonderful every day to play out of their own, such as song youth shepherd ‘s-purse dumplings as the iconic towers people stands in the south lake side guard time people witnessed countless pen an adult the miracle to wish your heart would do Quicksand tangyuan has to late autumnGinkgo gradually dyed golden waves rolling in the campus as bathed in the warm ocean may the New Year still have sunshine on the road warm as the early purple sweet potato dumplings in the eveningIf the eyes are the shutter and want to freeze this piece of pink and purple sky, I wish you a bright day in the future like the sunset. When you have your head buried in reciting words, when you rack your brains for difficult problems, when you make solid efforts for your own future, everything you wantColorful glutinous rice balls, each in its own beauty, share the beauty with the others. The flowers are in full bloom. Fifty-six ethnic groups embrace each other tightly and form a warm and harmonious big family.Blueberry tangyuan is this elder brother and south sister they are to remind you Your balance has been insufficient to see their vacation pass exams every time you are in the new semester A good fortune, please say “thank the people south elder brother younger sister” yuanxiao lantern wish you have a dream all round The sorrow away (source: zhongnan university for nationalities) more wonderful content, application in each big market, please download the “big wuhan” to the client.