It’s my pleasure to meet you (3)

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Mother never allowed herself to stay idle. She was always busy working outside the house and at home.Mother at home, in addition to taking care of children, raising livestock and poultry, housework, good at doing all kinds of food, but also love to do needlework.We from small to large, the clothes on the body to wear, wear single shoes and cotton shoes are the mother a stitch, woven cloth shoes, cotton shoes and crochet hook wool shoes.In the long dark night, when we woke up, we would see my mother sewing in the dim light, often sleeping for two or three hours in the early morning, sometimes even staying up all night.So now my mother often says her eyes are very bad.But my mother’s eyes were sometimes blurred.However, she says sewing is not affected.When it comes to mothers doing farm work, they are good at it.The vegetables in the green green green, purple purple yellow yellow, white red red, colorful, diverse, colorful.Mother is very careful to do anything, good at thinking, in the process of practical experience, constantly explore, discover, summarize, improve, especially brave to try, willing to learn and consult.Take the topic of “growing a variety of vegetables”. Weeding, fertilizing, watering, pest control, and so on, are all studied and learned.In addition to discussing and mastering some basic methods and rules during chatting with vegetable farmers when planting vegetables, my mother also explored and summarized some unique skills unknown to others.For example: how to “cabbage, cabbage and other vegetables insect treatment”.Mother has her own “experience talk”.Cabbage is a kind of vegetable.It and Chinese cabbage belong to the cruciferous family.Most of the area is called cabbage.But also some places can call it cabbage or cabbage, cabbage and so on.Either way, it belongs to the cabbage family.Cabbages, cabbages, and some leafy greens are particularly bug-infested.In other words, the vegetables that are so good for us, the insects need a lot of the same nutrients to survive.Mother to see this mottled, large and small worms nibbled off the fresh tender leaves of good heartache oh!Such insect-bitten dishes, not only look bad, but also affect taste and edible value.The mother is in accordance with the requirements and a certain specification of the ratio, equipped with water and medicine to spray the insects on the vegetable leaves.But again and again, they could not get rid of them, and they did not disappear.Why is that?The mother began to think, and tried hopelessly to pick them off with her hands.But it didn’t work.And on second thought, vegetable leaves have “up and down” two sides, liquid medicine sprinkled on the leaves of the above no effect, might as well to “the back of the leaves” try.And so it was.Mother in pest control, the nozzle nozzle toward the “back of the leaf” spray, finally eliminate pests and diseases.The exterminated cabbages, cabbages and all kinds of green leafy vegetables, no longer by the erosion and harm of pests and diseases, grow lush, green drops, green as cover.On the way to the farmers’ market, my mother was bought by a number of people.”Pick up what’s left, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time.How tired it is!”My father and my children would say, “Time is money.Mother, it was you who said so!””Rightness!I said so.”Mother had reason not to forgive, “can’t waste, prosperous period of food look good, very popular, can sell as much as possible to sell, pick home to eat, vegetable land is still more.Will you be happy to eat nothing but these?””I’m lucky to be able to sell it on the road!”When she was happy or not, she could say, “What’s more, I will go to the vegetable market to check the market again and exchange for some fresh vegetables. I will buy some meat, fish, tofu and bring them home, as well as daily necessities and vegetable seeds…”My mother was even more careful with her budget.It’s not easy for someone to take advantage.But mother in the weight of the measure to grasp the degree, never skimp, only more weight will not be less.Mother, however, showed no mercy to those who always tried to take advantage.All in all, WHAT I know is that my mother’s income from farming and selling vegetables can cover the living expenses of my family for half a year.Mother needs a lot of fertilizer to grow vegetables.The mother had always saved the manure herself, never going to the farmers’ market to buy fertilizer.For example: pigpen manure, chicken manure, pick up cow manure, human cesspool urine, especially plant ash.Once, the qingming Festival is estimated to be around, just before and after the rural people go to the cemetery, it is dry, forest fire prevention and burning the most severe time.Burning ashes for shoveling grass, perhaps because someone had reported it, my mother was taken to the village committee by several strangers, lectured, threatened and almost fined.Mother showed no fear.”I am the grass burn ash that shovel on ridge of vegetable field of oneself.”Mother said, “I know to keep fire from burning.But it’s just this little pile of grass.””I’ll stay here till it’s all gone.””I know I’m wrong.You didn’t give notice to call a meeting.””Even if there were notices posted, I couldn’t read and forgot about them.”The mother also felt that she had a good reason. “I always obey the law. I will pay attention to it next time.This is the first time, please forgive me more.And there were no bad consequences.””No!A heavy penalty must be imposed!”Three village cadres surrounded her, locked in a conference room, “What is your child’s name?Where do you work?How much money do you have with you?Do you have a thousand dollars?””It’s my own fault. It’s my children’s fault.They don’t know at work.I have no money.”The mother argued with them, and the argument became more and more heated. “I can either be locked up here.I’m not going back.I’m the only one who needs money.”Then the mother was let go.It was because when mother was shut down, talked to, reprimanded, an acquaintance came along, and he was the leader of a superior position.”Hi, it’s you!The leader said, “Rare, what are you doing here?Has your child XXX come home to see you recently?”After a flurry of pleasantries, the mother did not know how to be put back home.”Fortunately, the leader came at a good time.Otherwise, they really will be locked up, can’t go home to spend the night!””I was scared out of a cold sweat,” she said. “But after seeing how aggressive they were, I reasoned with them.””I wanted to take out 100 yuan to settle.But when I thought it over later, I found that their attitude was not good, and there was no basis for them to fine them. They just said how much they wanted to fine them, and there was no definite number.”The more she talked, the more she felt that she had been educated, but not so ferociously. “They want to fine me a thousand dollars.How is that possible?I haven’t worked this month for nothing!”Mother, every time I meet a problem, I can solve it.Mother thought she was always so lucky.Is ah!We should all be a dignified and upright person, do things conscientiously, be sure to do their own.To be a man, you should always reflect.Even if you inadvertently do something wrong, you should distinguish right from wrong, seek truth from facts, dare to take responsibility, take warning, protect yourself with laws and regulations, and strive to be a good citizen of new rural construction and law-abiding.It’s my pleasure to meet you, my hardworking and intelligent mother.Welcome to comment + comments.For more, check out the young Writers Network’s signed writer, Piggy Cookie’s mother.