Epidemic situation in the community, distribution of supplies, group buying channels…The information is on the “Epidemic Daily” made by volunteers

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“Ding Dong” — every day at 12:00 noon, a copy of “Epidemic Daily” of Bajiefang pops up in each building group of Shibo Home, Pujin Street, Minhang District.The “Daily”, which was produced by volunteers, introduced in detail the epidemic situation in the community and the notification of containment and control, the distribution of supplies and the release of results, the real-time progress of nucleic acid testing, the work of the neighborhood committee, the development of volunteer work, residents’ feedback and tracking of problems, and the group purchasing channels.The picture shows the daily epidemic situation of the eight neighborhoods of the Expo home.”There are so many kinds of information in the group that I often can’t read it.Now it’s time to read the daily epidemic report. Volunteers have a heart!”Residents of bajie, who have to look at the daily information every day to feel at ease, have praised it in the group.Since April 1, the “Epidemic Daily” has been published twice a day, at 12 noon and 8 PM.Information at noon mainly focused on the special situation report and appeal feedback results, conveyed the latest information and informed residents of the appeal feedback processing results.At 8 p.m., the information is mainly a summary of the day’s work and the next day’s activities.The picture shows the daily epidemic situation of the eight neighborhoods of the Expo home.”Many residents and friends are not familiar with the information released by official channels. I hope to build a bridge to make the information more open and transparent, so that everyone can obtain information more convenient and save time and effort. This is my original intention.””Said Wang Xingnan, founder of epidemic Daily.The “daily” also collects residents’ thoughts, needs and urgent needs, timely completes the communication and docking with the neighborhood committee, and becomes the “expressway” for communication between the community residents and the neighborhood committee.For example, we tracked and solved the situation of unauthorized egg sales of residents in the community, summarized the list of official vegetable group purchase of residents in the neighborhood committee to solve the problem of difficulty in buying vegetables of residents in the community, and tracked the transfer situation of positive people in the community that residents were concerned about.Behind wang’s daily hours of work is a 12-member team of volunteers from The 8th Neighborhood of Expo Home.”Founder” Yu Zhiming combines the problem of dweller reaction and village actual situation, the working arrangement that the party organization gives according to residential area, established the team of this 12 people.The team formed a clear division of labor from the very beginning – the work was divided into the inside and the field.Internal work includes team information and work summary, vegetable, meat and poultry docking service, volunteer recruitment, work information summary and release, etc.Field work is to divide the whole small area into 6 areas, and delimit the area leader, who is responsible for overall planning by Yu Zhiming.Photo: Volunteers edit the daily epidemic report.From April 1 to now, the 12-member Eight-Neighborhood volunteer team has organized more than 210 people and worked more than 700 hours in the field.This included two deliveries of more than 6,500 supplies;Two times of antigen detection reagents and information statistics of the community were completed to achieve 100% coverage of residents and abnormal information collection and reporting.Correspondent Dai Xiaofan Xinmin evening News reporter Lu Zhe