From Shui Qingxia to Gu Ailing, one of the magic weapons to win is these four words

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On the sixth day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, spectators can more or less sense that the athletes are showing a different mental outlook: less nervous and heavy, more relaxed and relaxed.This change is epitomized by the oft-repeated phrase “enjoying the race” — the first gold medalist, Norwegian cross-country skier Trice Johaiug, “enjoys galloping around the course”;Max Parrott of Canada said “cancer made me enjoy playing”;Su, who lost to Parrott, remains optimistic. “I will try my best to enjoy the competition.”Gu, who is sunny and cheerful, has written “enjoy the competition” on her face.It is not hard to see from the wonderful ice and snow appointments that “enjoy the game” is not empty talk, but the true expression of athletes’ individual emotions, and even an important magic weapon to promote victory.After all, snow and ice conditions magnify the uncertainty of competitive sports, with former world champions and current favorites not easily assured of victory.In this case, a balanced mindset is key.Embrace the unknown with an attitude of enjoying the game.”Enjoyment” is not the same as “pleasure,” a distinction that may have been overlooked in the past.Gu describes her obsession with skiing. “The pair of skis on my feet, the 22-foot halfpipe and the stunts are my main sources of adrenaline and the core of extreme sports that are really addictive.”The physical and mental strain is irresistible, but love and focus can make the process fun rather than painful.In addition to being sweet, the final fruit will have a special aftertaste.”Enjoy” not only means focusing on the process, but also means “reconciliation”.A few days ago, when asked about the women’s soccer team’s strategy for the game, champion coach Shui Qingxia also mentioned enjoyment. “The football field changes rapidly. I hope the players can play with their own characteristics and energy and enjoy the game itself.”Enjoying the game is not about giving up, lying down, or giving up. On the contrary, it is a purer state of letting go of distractions and focusing on personal growth while respecting your opponent and facing challenges.There is no doubt that this has a positive channeling effect on our daily life.Chinese parents like to compare, for generations of people growing up in comparison with others, when we don’t beat rivals as the only motivation, with the heart that “other people’s children” reconciliation, to pursue a better than yesterday, can we truly achieve self-transcendence, as steel roses fearless.There is competition, there is confrontation, but that is far from what competitive sports are all about.Behind that, there’s communication, there’s dialogue, there’s a lot of value beyond the competitive level.To enjoy the competition is to cherish this communication platform, communicate with others in a more open and confident manner, and deepen mutual understanding through professional dialogue.Let there be more scenes of giving gifts and embracing each other. Let sports become a bond that promotes the communication and integration of all countries in the world. Let different snowflakes converge into one common snowflake of mankind.From the configuration of stadium hardware facilities to the strengthening of relevant technical forces and the guarantee of stadium operation teams, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games have created a good competition environment for athletes without interference.Can let a person “enjoy”, the premise is such a friendly environment and soil.And other aspects of the work, is it not the same?For example, talent is a decisive factor for future-oriented development, so it is a priority to build a high-quality talent ecosystem and establish a “full chain” talent service system.”Those who know are not as good as those who are good as those who are happy.” The story of the sports field has important enlightenment to the sports field.The most ideal state of any undertaking is to enjoy it, which requires the full devotion of the individual and the strong support of the environment.In the past we tended not to use the word enjoyment with study, work, competition, etc., as if that made us comfortable.But the real high level of enjoyment is the abandonment of utilitarianism, the total absorption, the pure concentration.Winter to summer, along with the Olympic Games of the day taught us that there is no “lie to win”, life especially need to work hard, mentality is crucial.To achieve anything is not easy, real enjoyment, even means to make more effort, more suffering.But it all makes sense to challenge yourself.In the end, we may end up doing better, or we may end up falling down — that’s okay. Just get up, laugh, and continue to enjoy the process.(Watch the news)