Jia Zongyang, a steel warrior, will still try his best to stand on snow

2022-06-04 0 By

Four Winter Olympics, three operations, 22 steel nails, behind every medal is pure and brave…Chinese skier Jia Zongyang’s voice was filled with pain after he accidentally landed in the mixed team freestyle aerials competition on February 10, drawing gasp from the audience.’I’m so sorry!In the post-match interview, Jia Zongyang choked up with remorse.The mistake cost China’s freestyle aerials team the gold medal in the mixed team event.Jia zongyang, 31, has competed in four Winter Olympics.The journey from Vancouver to Beijing was not easy for him.An accident in 2015 left Jia with three comminuted fractures in his left leg, which were embedded with 22 steel nails and two steel plates.An injury like this basically means the end of a player’s career.But Jia zongyang did not retire, but battled with injuries.He even took them to the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, where he won a silver medal.After the game, Jia zongyang’s left leg has 22 steel nail X-ray was exposed, netizens lined up to comfort him, one after another in the comment area said “not injured”, “already a warrior, great!””Hail to the veteran!…As a result, “Iron Man” praise also spread on the Internet.Who says silver isn’t a hero?As a 30-year Veteran of the Olympic Games, Jia Zongyang’s every leap and every insistence is the best interpretation of his dream.And Jia zongyang is still eager to do his best in the Beijing Winter Olympics.On the evening of February 16th, Jia Zongyang will step on the court again, let’s look forward to it together!Article by Reporter Chai Xiaoyan design by illustrator Zhong Wenjing