Unforgettable thoughts

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The scenes I have been looking forward to for so many years have rarely entered my dreams.Grandma, you have been gone for so many years, have we forgotten?The mud house where you lived your whole life is now a three-story house.We only in that quiet and lonely old house, recall you have gradually blurred face.Perhaps I have never missed, touched the mercy of heaven;Maybe it’s the blood connection between us, so you can’t bear to see me waiting every day and every night.You’re here at last.Bathed in starlight and moonlight, you returned to my side.How happy and full of tears he looked at the tiny child…You came back calmly, as if you had been away for a long time and as if you had never been away.Looking at your temples of grey hair, I pestered you to ask: you have gone so long, where are you, why now just come back?You look lovingly at your children and grandchildren around you and say quietly that you are not leaving this house, but lost.You’ve been looking for your way home for years…My heart a pain, eyes also appeared a deja vu picture: in the streets and lanes of the bustling city, you at a loss to shuttle, asked a passer-by, they are indifferent to shake their heads through, do not understand your plain original accent;Toss and turn in the strange countryside, you see are never seen scenery, but you have no time to appreciate, only looking for the familiar intersection again and again, that can take you home;Through the mountains and rivers, you sleep in the wind and rain, wind and rain, as the years vicissitudes of the face, as the wind and rain erosion clothes;You have never stopped looking, and you have never given up on going home.Tonight, you finally came back to me after all the hardships.Before you could give me a deep hug, you began to work inside and outside.I know you want to caress me in your arms, carefully watch how the small child grew into today’s appearance, ask me if I have cried many times over the years on the road, do not forget the light smile……The grandchildren you hugged and the grandchildren you never met…All of these, you seem to see in the eyes of Ming in the heart, with comfort and care, you began to work hard day after day.The rice in the field should be open, you take us to look forward to the expectations of a harvest year.Your sweat gleams on the grain of rice, your back has been bent, but gratified in the eyes between the eyebrows.I hold the curved sickle, bow to harvest the heavy rice.I will quickly recover the crop as far as the eye can see, lest you always forget to go home.That piece of beautiful rice seedlings, and the foot of the deep and heavy land and, can understand the reunion between our relatives is not easy and joys and sorrows?The house was as warm as it had been many years ago. Chickens and ducks were lounging around lazily, and curling smoke was rising from the roof.You can taste the food cooked by grandma, and look at her kindly face reflected in the fire…In a blink of an eye thunder and lightning, torrential rain momentarily blurred the line of sight.Desperately call for your figure, but only hear the sound of rain in the whole village spread.You, never to be seen again.My world, back to the beginning of the desolate.Do you come and go, just to comfort me with so many years of yearning and expectation?The grandchildren you care about have grown up and know the world’s many sorrows.Your grandchildren have the same fortitude as you, and will go on with the faith you gave them.Forgot to tell you, that one will accompany my life to the old man.She used to light incense for you at your grave, and told you that she would be with me forever.That day, there is a slight warm wind blowing in front of me, I think, it must be your loving hands gently stroking her soft hair.I also secretly promised in my heart that I would accompany her in my life and cherish the hard-won happiness until the end of time.I haven’t had a chance to tell you…….Too many words, I have not said, too much care, worth you stay.But, you still walked, in 9 years ago all that June, even, you again and again ask small six return to have no, but can not wait from beginning to end, but you certainly won’t regret, again far road, in every year’s Tomb-sweeping day, he stood in front of your tomb……​