Worship gods on New Year’s Day

2022-06-04 0 By

After breakfast on the cloudy New Year’s Day, our family went to the small temple behind the village to burn incense.We walked and walked until we came to the Guanyin Temple.Dad said to let mom teach me how to burn incense.I saw my mother took out three incense, incense lit with candles torch.Then inserted into the censer, mother again three times.I took out three incense sticks according to my mother’s appearance, also lit the incense, inserted into the censer, and then also worship three times.Along the winding mountain road, we came to a very small temple.There are many immortals in the temple. There are two black dragon gods, one earth god, and the god of wealth.We each gave incense to the gods and bowed their heads.I accidentally burned my hand when I was burning incense for the earth god.With a shake of my hand, I knocked the candle to the ground and it went out.I quickly lit the candle again and put it next to the earth.I hope the gods will bless us and keep us safe!Instructor: Li Qingji