Centipede killed after what to pay attention to (room centipede how to find out)

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Centipede killed what to pay attention to if accidentally killed the centipede, in the processing time need to pay attention not to touch with the hand directly, avoid contaminated with toxic substances, causing adverse effects on health.It is recommended that the corpse be carefully placed in an empty bottle with gloves or a broom and then set on fire to prevent the poison from spreading and causing trouble.Then put on gloves to clean up the place where the centipede killed, and carry out disinfection, the doors and Windows of the room should also keep ventilation, so that toxic substances are sent out.Centipede nocturnal, like to live in dark and humid, air circulation, warm environment, generally in the daytime will be lurking in the corner and gap, to the night will come out to look for food, so it is difficult to find them out.Can first remove the debris in the home clean, to avoid the accumulation of items in the room, and check the indoor damp places or holes, found that the holes will be sealed with water mud, sprinkled with quicklime in the doors and Windows to dry moistureproof, remove ivy and other vines.Does a centipede really attract a lot of people if it kills one? Not normally.There is a folk legend that the centipede is a vengeful animal, killing one will attract revenge, but there is no scientific basis for this, killing one will not attract more.Appear in the house of the centipede is likely to be already exist, because the centipede is a social animal, have size gather together life habits, so if killing is exist in the home of the centipede, then at home are likely to have other centipede, for the sake of the health needs for extermination treatment at home.Centipedes have certain toxic substances.The centipede can not be trampled to death is not because it will attract more centipedes, but because the centipede contains more toxic substances, bacteria and viruses, in the process of trampled to death there will be a lot of toxic substances emitted into the air, but also on the ground residual toxic liquid.People in this environment will not only inhale toxic gas, but also be contaminated with venom when dealing with the centipede body, which has a certain impact on the skin and body health, so it is not recommended to directly crush the centipede to death.