Confidence and confidence released by the First Congress of the Year of the Tiger in Shandong

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Shandong has held the “First Session of the Spring Festival” for five consecutive years. This year, the painting style has changed a little.At the meeting, a new link of “grand commendation” was added, and 72 entrepreneurs were commended at the meeting.This link has laid the “festive” atmosphere of this year’s conference, which is the biggest difference from previous conferences.Behind the small change, shandong’s painful transformation has seen real results.Data show that the GDP of Shandong province in 2021 is 8,309.590 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3% over the previous year, an increment of 996.7 billion yuan.More importantly, the structure, quality, power and vitality of Shandong’s economic development have undergone trend and key changes.Import and export, consumption and high-tech enterprises have become major factors driving economic growth.Corresponding to this, Shandong’s ten thousand yuan GDP energy consumption continued to decline.In 2021, the annual output of crude steel will be reduced by 12.09 million tons and coking by 14 million tons, exceeding the output control tasks set by the state.Two relative ratio, the development quality of Shandong leap on paper.The change of painting style in “The first Moment” is a process of gradual evolution.From this we can see shandong’s clear thinking of transformation, as well as the perseverance and determination of “drawing a blueprint to the end”.In the first conference in 2018, Shandong faced up to its shortcomings and dared to expose itself in many aspects, such as industrial structure and ideology, causing shock inside and outside the province, which was interpreted by the outside world as “Shandong finally realized that it was lagging behind”.In 2019, the “First Session” focused on “taking responsibility for the work and implementing it vigorously”, and continued to focus on the work style of officials, calling for cadres like “Li Yunlong” to stimulate their entrepreneurial spirit.After the “reflection on finding the gap” and “good people’s articles”, the “first meeting” after the 2020 Holiday will focus on “key work” and launch a more specific challenge.By the beginning of 2021, Shandong has ushered in a breathing space, and its development has shown a fundamental change from “quantity” to “quality” and from “shape” to “potential”. Therefore, the “First Meeting” after the Spring Festival proposed to “seize the opportunity to make breakthroughs and work hard to open up a new bureau”.In the “first meeting” after the 2022 Spring Festival, Shandong changed its previous “low profile” and shouted “innovation leads the way”.From exposing shortcomings to improving work style, and then to find the point of strength, every step has a clear direction and purpose.This process, to many provinces and regions, may take some enlightenment.Shandong’s gradual trend, also directly reflected in the INCREASE in GDP.In 2019, Shandong’s GDP growth rate was 5.5%, lower than the national average of 6.1%, ranking behind among provinces and cities.In 2020, the growth rate was 3.6 percent, 1.3 percentage points higher than the national average and among the highest in China.In 2021, the increase rate was 0.2 percentage points higher than that of the whole country.Looking back on the road shandong has gone through in the past few years, it is actually a process of “strengthening weak boards and promoting strong boards”.It is just that more efforts are being put into fixing weaknesses.And in Shandong gradually out of the “heavy” industry dependence, Shandong’s longboard advantage is more prominent.In this year’s conference, for the future development, provincial Party secretary Li Ganjie pointed out three breakthrough points and breakthroughs — one is to consolidate and expand comparative advantages, strengthen innovation, seek breakthroughs.Second, we will strengthen innovation and seek breakthroughs while making up for weaknesses.Third, we will strengthen innovation and seek breakthroughs while effectively stimulating the dynamism of society and the market.Mentioned in article 1 of comparative advantage, this year’s report on the work of the provincial government has a clear interpretation of three times industry can go hand in hand, both ends of the supply and demand can be coordinated, old and new kinetic energy can bring out the best in each other, keeping abreast of all kinds enterprise can, can luhai resources development as a whole, can convenient transportation, urban and rural areas can balanced development, opening to the outside world can lift gear upgrades,The fertile soil of humanity can be cultivated in depth.These advantages were evident in last year’s economic development. For example, Shandong’s import and export volume reached 2.93 trillion yuan in 2021, hitting a record high for the sixth consecutive year, up 32.4 percent from 2020 and 43.1 percent from 2019.In addition, shandong’s demographic dividend is being released, which is expected to be transformed into a powerful driving force for economic development.In 2021, consumer spending contributed 65.4 percent to China’s economic growth, making it the “ballast stone” for economic growth.Shandong is no exception. In 2021, the total retail sales of consumer goods exceeded 3 trillion yuan, reaching 3.371.45 billion yuan, an increase of 15.3% over the previous year.However, compared with guangdong, Zhejiang and other provinces, Shandong, with permanent resident population and registered population of “double over 100 million”, has not fully excavated its consumption advantage.One supporting data is that in 2021, there is no city in Shandong in the top 10 of the consumption power ranking of major cities.Shandong has realized the importance of tapping demographic dividend. The last of the three breakthroughs is aimed at this area to some extent.”As long as we unleash the innovative vitality of society and the market as much as possible and as quickly as possible, we will surely form a mighty force of innovation and development.”3 In the past two years, Shandong has returned to the right track. An important experience is to “inspire people’s vitality”, especially entrepreneurs.In the process of Shandong out of the trough, almost every year to a great fanfare to commend entrepreneurs.In August 2019, 93 people won the honorary title of “Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Shandong Province” and were commended at the conference on implementing reform measures in Shandong Province.In July 2021, 146 people from non-public sector and new social strata were awarded the title of “Outstanding Builders of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics by Non-public Sector people in Shandong Province”.Both events were attended by provincial party secretary and provincial governor and awarded prizes.Shandong province not only gives “face” to entrepreneurs, but also gives them back. Taking the entrepreneurs who have just been commended this year as an example, the awards are divided into three categories: “Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Shandong Province”, with first-class merit and 5 million yuan reward;The title of “Industry Leading Entrepreneur in Shandong Province”, awarded with first-class merit and 1 million yuan;The title of “Outstanding Entrepreneur of Shandong Province” will be awarded 500,000 yuan.Along with caring for entrepreneurs, Shandong has made unremitting efforts to improve its business environment.Private capital has the keenest sense of smell and the growth rate of private investment is a good indicator of whether the business environment is good or not.In 2021, private investment in Shandong increased by 8.2 percent over the previous year, accounting for 65.2 percent of the total investment, 1.3 percentage points higher than the previous year, and contributing to 87.3 percent of the total investment growth.Another indicator related to this is that shandong’s market players exceeded 13 million, achieving a substantial growth.It can be said that private capital is using actual action to support Shandong.At this year’s Conference, Shandong put forward “ten innovations”. The first is science and technology, the second is talent, and the third is business environment.”We need to make it easier for businesses to get things done and give them more support so that they can compete fairly and develop in peace.”The situation is good, but the gap between Shandong and advanced provinces can not be ignored.Taking industry as an example, the revenue of enterprises in Shandong is 10.2 trillion yuan, while that of Jiangsu is 14.9 trillion yuan and that of Zhejiang is 9.7 trillion yuan. It can be said that “the benchmark is far behind and the army is near”.And in terms of profit, Shandong is lower than Zhejiang.On the plus side, shandong’s high-tech manufacturing sector is accelerating.In 2021, value-added will grow by 18.5 percent, with a two-year average growth of 14.1 percent.In terms of investment, investment in high-tech industries increased by 10.0%, 4.0 percentage points faster than total investment.The governor of Shandong province has a clear understanding of similar problems — Shandong has obvious comparative advantages, but there are also many shortcomings.We must be sober-minded. We should neither be blindly optimistic or arrogant, nor should we belittle or undermine our confidence.Through innovation, we need to strengthen our weak links and strengthen areas of weakness so as to achieve higher-quality development.This is the proper attitude of Shandong.The Communist Youth League Rizhao Municipal Committee quickly started the New Year “the first war” Spring Festival holiday closed, volunteer service exhibition as “Rizhao Ten” to promote steady economic growth approved by The State Council!Agree to set up in Rizhao!Drop ~ please check the practice of little bluebird feeling!(2)